Doctor Who: Music From The Audio Adventures Vol. 2

Doctor Who: Music From The Audio Adventures Vol. 2An unusual mix of music from Big Finish Productions’ wonderful Doctor Who Audio Adventures, Music From The New Audio Adventures Volume 2 presents cues from an episode that quite a few Who fans haven’t even heard. The exclusive one-parter Last Of The Titans, which was included on a free CD with Doctor Who Magazine’s first issue of 2001, seems like an odd choice, but it has an excellent score reminiscent of Dudley Simpson’s Doctor Who music of the 1970s. Moody, whimsical and just a little bit creepy at the same time, Last Of The Titans has music that suits it perfectly…even if half the people who hear the music haven’t heard the story.

The juiciest score on here, however, is the much more modern-sounding Shadow Of The Scourge (coincidentally, all three scores included on this album are from stories featuring Sylvester McCoy as the seventh Doctor). Scourge, an adventure set in the era of the New Adventures novels published by Virgin between 1991 and 1997, benefits from some fantastically creepy music boasting everything from modern beats to some of the weirdest sounds I’ve ever heard coaxed out of a synthesizer. The Scourge cues are followed by a new piece of music, “Benny’s Theme”, which seems to be equal parts modern dance music and Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Not actually heard in the story itself, it’s a fitting theme for archaeologist Bernice “Benny” Summerfield, the Doctor’s quirky companion in the New Adventures era.

By comparison, I’ve found that when taking in the entire CD in a single sitting, I’m still reeling from Shadow Of The Scourge by the time the relatively low-key, pseudo-orchestral score for The 4 out of 4Fires Of Vulcan kicks in. Nice in its own way, maybe the Fires Of Vulcan music should have been put before Scourge on the disc, though that also would’ve meant putting two synth-orchestral scores back-to-back, so I can see why things were sequenced this way.

In any event, the finished product is a testament to Alistair Lock’s ability to find what the story needs musically, and it’s a good listen.

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  1. Vilgreth’s Ship (3:16)
  2. Tea And Shortcake (1:17)
  3. Bomb Warning (2:59)
  4. Troubling Thoughts (1:56)
  5. A Planet Saved, A Home Destroyed (2:47)
  6. Benny In The Circle (2:27)
  7. Hotel Relocation (3:27)
  8. Casting A Shadow (2:24)
  9. Consumed (2:35)
  10. The Doctor’s Head (1:45)
  11. Over The Edge (1:14)
  12. Facing Our Fears (6:27)
  13. Benny’s Theme (3:57)
  14. Arrival (1:55)
  15. The Street Of Plenty (2:28)
  16. Murranus’ Theme (1:47)
  17. Eumachia (3:04)
  18. The First Quake (2:50)
  19. Final Destination (2:01)
  20. Foreknowledge Of Disaster (3:12)
  21. The Sacrifice (1:35)
  22. Escape Plans Arrested (1:57)
  23. Hypnotic Escape (2:05)
  24. The Arena (2:42)
  25. The Fight (3:21)
  26. Death Of Pompeii (2:45)

Released by: Big Finish Productions
Release date: 2001
Total running time: 73:46