Doctor Who: The Fifth Doctor Audio Adventures

Doctor Who: Music From The Fifth Doctor Audio AdventuresThie CD contains the musical highlights from three of Big Finish’s Doctor Who audio adventures starring Peter Davison, from three different composers.

Loups-Garoux, the first “classic Doctor” story following an extended run of eighth Doctor adventures, was a strange audio adventure revolving around a clan of werewolves undercover in Rio De Janeiro. Kicking off with the intentionally cheesy faux theme song “Jaguar Maiden”, this intriguing story winds up with music that reminds me – strangely enough – of Nino Rota’s score from The Godfather. Something about its emotional tone does indeed help me make the mental leap from music for a Doctor Who audio play to Nino Rota. Not bad at all.

The music for Eye Of The Scorpion, the audio adventure which introduced the fifth Doctor’s new traveling companion Erimem, has a strong start, but minus the accompanying dialogue and sound effects of the story, it quickly becomes a bit of a grating listening experience. It’s fun to hear David Darlington trying to straddle the fence between a sound befitting the story’s ancient Egyptian setting and something much more modern, but it also becomes clear that one only has so many options trying to get those two styles to meet.

Primeval, with its return to familiar settings for Doctor Who – namely, deep space, huge battlecruisers (on a BBC budget) and the planet Traken – winds up being the musical score with the most in common with the era of TV Doctor Who it’s trying to emulate. Russell Stone’s expansive, spacey synths and unusual chords are not only a good pick for that kind of story, but they’re not a million light years away from what the in-house composers at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop would’ve done musically for such as story on TV.

3 out of 4With two scores that I’d individually give a rating of 3 out of 4, and one that, to be diplomatic, I wouldn’t, this collection of music from the early years of the fifth Doctor’s new lease on life winds up being my pick for the least essential of the Big Finish music compilations. There’s good stuff on here, but it’s more of a “completists only” release than a must-have.

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  1. Loups-Garoux trailer (1:14)
  2. Theme from Jaguar Maiden (0:49)
  3. Stubbe’s Trial / Rosa (3:19)
  4. Shadow Across The City (0:57)
  5. Spirit Across The Forest (1:42)
  6. Winter Wolf (1:49)
  7. Closer Than Companions (1:16)
  8. Stubbe’s Dance (2:55)
  9. Into The Forest (2:37)
  10. The Summer Wolf (1:26)

    Eye Of The Scorpion

  11. Eye Of The Scorpion trailer (1:28)
  12. They Gave Us Dust (1:00)
  13. You Can’t Say Pharaoh Than That (0:50)
  14. Thebes (0:57)
  15. The Erimem Show (2:47)
  16. Dead Again (3:39)
  17. Sand (5:20)
  18. Sarcophagus (3:46)
  19. Eye Love 1400 B.C. (4:44)


  20. Primeval trailer (1:44)
  21. Arrival (0:30)
  22. A Vast Spaceship / Kwundaar (3:14)
  23. Pleasant Music Is Playing (0:56)
  24. The Maligan Takes Hold / The Union Is Beautiful (1:45)
  25. Don’t Turn Around (1:26)
  26. Healing Waters (1:38)
  27. A Place That Stifles (2:03)
  28. The Definition Of Save / Creeping Evil (2:39)
  29. Captive Emotions / Loose Threads (2:29)
  30. Darkest Before Dawn (2:04)
  31. We’ve Got Work To Do (0:45)

Released by: Big Finish
Release date: 2002
Total running time: 63:48