Depeche Mode – Shake the Disease

I first heard the title track of this single/EP on a “best of” album covering Depeche Mode’s work up until just before Black Celebration, and I really liked it. It was another one of those cases where I had to give the tape back to its owner, but I finally managed to find a relatively inexpensive CD single containing just this song and another one from that compilation that hadn’t been released on any other album. I hate it when they do that! But I won this time. “Shake The Disease” stuck fast in my mind when I first heard it because of the overlapping vocals throughout the song – actually, compared to a classroom full rating: 3 out of 4of munchkins bleating “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”, this song’s overlapping is pretty simple, but it’s done nicely and, well, I just like the song. I don’t really spend a whole lot of time on the various remixes and dance mixes, but “Shake The Disease” by itself was worth a couple of bucks for me.

Order this CD

  1. Shake the Disease (4:49)
  2. Flexible (3:11)
  3. Shake the Disease – extended remix (8:46)
  4. Flexible – extended remix (6:17)
  5. Shake the Disease – edit the shake (7:12)
  6. Something To Do – metal mix (7:26)

Released by: Intercord Ton Gmbh
Release date: 1984
Total running time: 37:41