Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The SilenceWhile I stated in a previous review that Depeche Mode really lost me with Black Celebration, this CD maxi-single contained the only song of theirs that has piqued my interest since then, “Enjoy The Silence” from the 1990 album Violator. This heavily percussive number combines an interesting piece of music with an unheard-of innovation for Depeche Mode: a guitar! Yes, Martin Gore plays a little bit of guitar on this album, which isn’t really all that alien to the group’s sound – prior to recording its first album, Depeche Mode actually had two guitars! – rating: 3 out of 4and it has an interesting effect on the typical Depeche Mode sound. But even “Enjoy The Silence” isn’t the best thing on this disc. The piano-heavy instrumentals Memphisto and Sibeling are examples of other interesting avenues Depeche Mode could be exploring.

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  1. Enjoy the Silence (4:15)
  2. Enjoy the Silence – hands and feet mix (7:20)
  3. Sibeling (3:20)
  4. Enjoy the Silence – bass line (7:40)
  5. Enjoy the Silence – ecstatic dub (5:54)
  6. Memphisto (4:05)
  7. Enjoy the Silence – ricki tik tik mix (5:35)
  8. Enjoy the Silence – harmonium (2:39)

Released by: Reprise
Release date: 1990
Total running time: 40:48