Artists (by group or surname) Chris Hadfield H Non-Soundtrack Music

Chris Hadfield – Space Sessions: Songs From A Tin Can

Space Sessions: Songs From A Tin Can is Canadian astronaut (and former International Space Station commander) Chris Hadfield’s long-promised album of songs he recorded, at least in part, while in space. Holed up in his tiny sleeping cubicle on the station after “work hours”, and trying to brace an acoustic guitar against his own body …

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2015 D Non-Soundtrack Music Rob Dougan Year

Rob Dougan – The 22nd Sunday In Ordinary Time Sessions

If you’re a fan of the music from The Matrix trilogy, you’re probably a fan of Rob Dougan without realizing it: the first movie’s music for the woman in the red dress, The Matrix Reloaded‘s scenery-destroying all-out melee in a museum-like space – basically, where you heard almost James-Bond-cool strings overlaid with a trip-hop techno …

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2015 Artists (by group or surname) Non-Soundtrack Music P Public Service Broadcasting

Public Service Broadcasting – The Race For Space

A concept band tackling a concept album, Public Service Broadcasting applies its quirky style (mixing amazing musical proficiency with clips and samples from vintage public information films) to a singular topic: the technological sprint that took humanity from Sputnik to Tranquility Base in just over a decade. Individual tracks are devoted to everything from the …

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