BetchadupaCatchy music seems to be a family affair among the members of New Zealand’s Finn clan, as this EP featuring Liam Finn – son of Crowded House frontman Neil Finn – demonstrates.

Boasting only half a dozen songs, the self-titled Betchadupa EP puts to rest any comparison between this group’s young members, and, let’s say for example, Hanson. And to say that the production style shows a little bit of influence from Liam’s dad’s latest solo album would be an understatement.

The better tunes include the lively “Derelict” (which sounds – production-wise, though not musically, a little like “Souvenir”), the bouncy “Empty Head”, and the slow, Beatlesque “Spill The Light”. This latter track demonstrates that Liam has picked up quite a few of his father’s stylistic licks. All of them are originals written by the band members themselves.

The production is a little rough in places, but it’s important to remember that Betchadupa’s freshman effort is basically a demo Rating: 3 out of 4which has gotten more attention than most demos thanks to one of its members’ family connections. This shows the potential that Betchadupa could have.

And from the sound of this release, they have a lot of potential.

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  1. Empty Head (3:08)
  2. Spill The Light (3:34)
  3. Bits (1:33)
  4. Mr. White (2:03)
  5. Derelict (3:25)
  6. Heavy Dog (2:20)

Released by: Flying Nun
Release date: 2000
Total running time: 16:06