The Best of the Firesign Theatre: Shoes for Industry!

The Best of the Firesign Theatre: Shoes for Industry!This is an excellent addition to your collection if you’ve never experienced the Firesign Theatre before, and is also, for those of us who are familiar with the foursome’s goofy repertoire, it’s handy in that it offers up some of their best and most famous material in convenient bite-sized chunks (as opposed to many of the albums being divided up only by their original vinyl “sides”), though even with the more discrete tracks, some of the material doesn’t work without six or seven minutes to play out. If you have no idea what in the world Firesign Theatre is about, I urge you to check this album out first, and then Dear Friends. You won’t be sorry… you’ll be silly!

Order this title on CD from Storewritten by and starring Phil Austin, Peter Bergman, David Ossman and Phil Proctor

    Disc One:

  1. Temporarily Humbolt County (9:14)
  2. Beat the Reaper! (2:53)
  3. I Was a Cock-Teaser for Roosterama! (3:05)
  4. Ralph Spoilsport Motors (7:05)
  5. The American Pageant (9:07)
  6. The Chinchilla Show (2:38)
  7. The Further Adventures of Nick Danger (28:06)
  8. Stab from the Past (1:16)
  9. Ersatz Bros. Coffee (0:47)
  10. High School Madness! (6:48)
  11. Napalmolive (0:52)
  12. Shoes for Industry! (0:29)
  13. Great Unclaimed Melodies! (2:26)
  14. Station Break (2:14)
    Disc Two:

  1. Forward Into The Past (6:03)
  2. The Holygram’s Song (Back from the Shadows Again) (1:49)
  3. The Breaking of the President (6:16)
  4. Deputy Dan Has No Friends (2:27)
  5. La Bomba Shelter (1:10)
  6. Young Guy, Motor Detective (8:02)
  7. Toad Away (3:18)
  8. Not Quite the Solution He Expected (8:37)
  9. Bear Whiz Beer (0:30)
  10. Happy Hour News (2:51)
  11. The Golden Hind (4:34)
  12. The Army Training Film (3:17)
  13. Police Street (14:53)
  14. Communist Love Song (4:02)
  15. C’mon Jesus (3:40)
  16. Nasi Goring (2:51)
  17. Give Up This Day (2:01)