Babylon 5: Lines Of Communication soundtrackThis episode, featuring the first full appearance of the Drakh (the primary enemy in Crusade) in Babylon 5 lore, should’ve had a much more distinctive musical score than it gets here. There are some unique touches, such as a horror-film-inspired musical “stabbing” motif for the Drakh, and a strange synthesized sound which seems inspired by the glass rod, which is often used as a musical signature for the otherworldly and the terrifying. I’d also swear that there are hints of electric guitar, or perhaps a sample thereof, cutting into the proceedings as Delenn launches a devastating counterattack on the Drakh fleet. But other than that…there isn’t anything new in a strictly musical sense aside from some unusual 2 out of 4instrumentation. One piece of music established here, a frenetic, brutal string passage, would resurface in future battle scenes such as those in Endgame and The Ragged Edge, but there’s very little new here for those who have already heard those releases. Unless you’re a completist, this is a Babylon 5 episodic CD you can safely skip.

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  1. ISN Propaganda / Message from Mars / Bad Situation / Main Title (4:21)
  2. Lines of Communication / An Independent Woman / How To Treat an Ex-Lover /
    Wake-Up Call / Ivanova Volunteers
  3. Concerns About Minbari / The Mars Conspiracy / Independence Promise /
    Minbari Hold-Up
  4. Forell Takes Over / Calls of Passion (8:54)
  5. Skin Dancing / Drakhs Pay The Price (6:00)
  6. War Room Turned Studio / All Hands Full / End Title (4:19)

Released by: Sonic Images
Release date: 1998
Total running time: 31:44