Volume 1, Issue #4 – November 1994

LogBook #4There’s some geeky irony in an issue that refused to do anything to spoil the then-rapidly-approaching movie Star Trek: Generations, and yet had (speculative) spoiler 3-D renders of Voyager from the internet on the front page. And the renders weren’t even that close to the mark!

Issue 4 PDF (5.64mb)

The influence of the net was making itself very obvious here, with the only graphical elements in the entire issue – the Generations marketing logo, the new stylized Star Trek arrowhead being pushed by Paramount and the Voyager 3-D renders – all coming from the internet. The emphasis was still on print, and lots of it, at 8 pages.

Alien Nation: Dark Horizon, the early episodes of Babylon 5’s second season, more TNG episodes, numerous books and an early episode of Gerry Anderson’s short-lived Space Precinct are reviewed here. Robert Parson sounds off on The Tick, the increasingly dire seaQuest DSV, and rants about CBS’ aired-once-and-only-once Halloween scare movie Without Warning. Content-wise, this was actually a very good issue. If there was a problem with later issues, it was with an increasing emphasis on graphics over written content, culminating in a couple of fabulously expensive full-color covers. For a ‘zine that was being given away at local comic shops.

It really should’ve stayed like this. It’s got a nice, clean layout, and even where I was trying to get fancy with the line art (check out the quasi-Okudagram-style borders on page 4’s TNG reviews!), it wasn’t ridiculous.

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