Volume 1, Issue #7 – February 1995

Babylon 5The first subscription-only, non-handed-out-for-free issue would make you think I learned absolutely nothing from the previous issue’s murky color cover. This, at least, was a much more affordable murky black-and-white cover (with a screen grab from Babylon 5).

Issue 7 PDF (6.65mb)

Rob Heyman joined me in alternating episode reviews on Voyager, as well as continuing his excellent TNG reviews; there’s also a surprising influx of reader-generated content, with an actual letters section and Cindy Hill’s tree-topping space station (still a favorite of mine). The two Roberts wax cranky about Star Trek music and showrunners spending too much time online. A nicely varied issue, to be honest, even though I went a little too far in trying to shove the page content left or right to accomodate staples.

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