Phobos Unmanned Spaceflight

Phobos 1 launched

The Soviet Union launches the first of two unmanned Phobos space probes, designed to investigate the largest of Mars’ two asteroid-like moons and deliver a lander to analyze that moon’s surface. With multiple nations pitching in resources to help the mission succeed, including the United States, the Phobos program is intended to be the definitive …

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Pathfinder Unmanned Spaceflight

Red planet rover, please come over

Sojourner, the original Mars rover, rides out on the Martian surface, getting close-up looks at nearby rocks and demonstrating technologies that are vital to upcoming Mars missions, including automatic hazard detection and avoidance. Sojourner’s ability to “see” obstacles and navigate around them without advice from ground controllers will be essential to later Mars rovers, since …

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2003 Robot Hall Of Fame inductees

The first four inductees – two real and two fictional – are inducted into the Robot Hall Of Fame created by Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science. Unimate (1961, General Motors) – the first robotic arm used in car assembly HAL-9000 (1968, from 2001: a space odyssey) R2-D2 (1977, from Star Wars) Sojourner (1996, …

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