VWORP!2An unauthorized celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who.

In 1989, Doctor Who was cancelled with little hope of reprieve.

In 1996, a one-off Doctor Who TV movie renewed the legend.

In 2005 Doctor Who returned to TV triumphantly, and the BBC quickly made plans for several spin-off series.

In between, fandom came to the rescue.

With fan-produced amateur films and audio stories, the Doctor and friends actually had more adventures while the show was off the air than they could have while it was in production! When Doctor Who returned, it was these fans who were now writing some of his TV adventures.

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VWORP!2 covers the years that Doctor Who was heard and not seen, via official audio adventures from Big Finish and the BBC. The three successful TV spin-offs to date – Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and K-9 – are also covered, along with updates on the 2012 and 2013 seasons of Doctor Who.

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