VWORP!1 (second edition)

VWORP!1theLogBook.com webmaster Earl Green’s unauthorized and uncensored guide to Doctor Who, 1963-2011!

Writer, media critic and unabashed Doctor Who fan Earl Green has been writing about Who in all of its forms for over two decades on theLogbook.com, one of the longest-running science fiction sites on the internet. This unauthorized guide combines material from the site with plentiful all-new pieces written exclusively for this book, chronicling the history of the Doctor’s universe on television.

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With nearly 50 years of adventures recorded across several media, the BBC’s international smash hit DOCTOR WHO is one of the most deeply explored fictional “universes” in TV or literary history – partly because it intersects with our own in so many places.

VWORP!1 is just the beginning of your complete guide to the travels of the TARDIS, pointing out noteworthy original series adventures to fans of the new series, and finding hints of the show’s larger narrative in some of the oddest places.

(VWORP!2, now available, continues tracking the Time Lord through the 2012-2013 season, as well as his audio-only adventures and the show’s various TV spinoffs.)

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