VWORP!1 Second Edition now available!

VWORP!1 Second is proud to announce the arrival of the revised, expanded, updated second edition of VWORP!1, again covering BBC-TV’s Doctor Who from 1963 through 2011. The second edition contains major revisions accounting for missing episodes recovered since the first edition’s publication in 2012, cross-references to more recent episodes (to be covered in the second volume, VWORP!2, due out later in July 2014), additional photos and illustrations, and a much-requested index. The cover art is also revised to give the book a new look in line with the artwork of the second volume.

Due to the increased length of the book, the physical print edition is now priced at $20, while a DRM-free PDF ebook is available directly from Store. There are no plans at this time for Kindle or Nook editions due to formatting issues affecting the book’s layout when converting to either of those formats.

VWORP!1 and VWORP!2 author Earl Green will be making several convention appearances to launch both titles, which will be available signed in person:

Doctor Who Tulsa Mini-Con

Through the end of July, the print edition can be ordered through’s Createspace links with the following discount code:

Super top secret code

(The code is not valid on or


DVDs going out of print this year

DVDEvery dog has its day, and so does every medium. (Seriously… how many 8-tracks have you played lately?)

In response to a gradually shrinking number of orders for physical DVD product, we’ve made the decision to allow several of our DVD titles to gracefully fade out as physical products this year. They will remain available as DVDs for as long as stock remains.

But fear not! We’ve just added a shopping system for instant delivery of digital media to Store, allowing you to order the various CGE panels and Phosphor Dot Fossils video segments as downloadable MP4 video files playable on any device. (Also available are the original Phosphor Dot Fossils soundtrack and the long-awaited VWORP!1 eBook.)

We’re working on creating downloadable DVD .ISO files, so those so inclined can burn their own physical copies of the various DVDs, complete with menus. The size of these files will present serious challenges to storage and bandwidth, however, and they will only be made available if there’s significant demand for them.

We appreciate everyone who has bought any of the DVDs either at our live appearances or through online purchases. For those who haven’t made the leap, we’ve just eliminated shipping time, replaced it with download time, and made everything extremely affordable. The Classic Gaming Expo content will benefit from this new format, as now you can download only the panels you want to watch, in any combination.

Watch this space for the inevitable announcements of various titles going out-of-print – once they’re gone as physical products, they’ll be digital only. Last call!