The Last Of The Centaurs

Xena: Warrior PrincessXena and Gabrielle are in a marketplace when Ephiny appears to Gabrielle. She tells her that her son, Xenan, is in trouble. A man nearby holds up a wanted poster with Xenan’s picture on it. Lord Belach is looking for bounty hunters to capture or kill Xenan. Xena decides to go see him and offer her services. When they arrive at Lord Belach’s castle, Xena discovers that he is the son of Borias and he looks just like his father. Belach tells them that Xenan kidnapped his daughter. Without telling him who she is, Xena offers to join the search. Ephiny guides her friends to where her son is hiding. There they learn the real reason Nicha left with Xenan.

Order the DVDswritten by Joel Metzger
directed by Garth Maxwell
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: Danielle Cormack (Ephiny), Marton Csokas (Boris / Lord Belach), Hamish Hector-Taylor (Xenan), Katrina Devine (Nicha), Margaret-Mary Hollins (Madra), Kim Michalis (Natassa)

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell