Remember Nothing

Xena: Warrior PrincessDuring Xena’s yearly visit to the temple of the Three Fates to honor her brother Lyceus, raiders attack. She and Gabrielle fight the raiders. As Xena is dispatching one of the men, Gabrielle shouts a warning. The warrior turns and stabs this attacker. She is startled when his helmet falls away when he hits the ground, reavling a young man about 16 years old. Xena reenters the temple and is met by the three Fates. The trio of goddesses wish to reward her for saving their temple. The only thing Xena wants is for the boy to have his life back. She wishes that she had never taken up the sword. The goddesses agree to this and tell her all is restored until the first time she draws blood in anger. Slightly confused, Xena again leaves the temple looking for Gabrielle. But her friend is nowhere to be found. As Xena looks around outside the temple, the area changes. She suddenly finds herself in a clearing and she he can hear Lyceus calling for her. The warrior is thrilled to see her younger brother, who is slightly puzzled by her behavior. Realizing that she is back in Amphipolous, Xena returns to her home. As she is looking about the family home, she is surprised by Maphias, her fiance. She talks with him and learns that her mother died soon after Cortese’s army attacked. Later Xena stops a soldier from killing a merchant. He orders the other men with him to bring in the slaves to gather supplies. One of the slaves is Gabrielle. Xena tries to approach her friend, but the young woman has no idea who she is. Gabrielle accidentally bumps into the slave boss, who threatens to beat her. Xena intervenes. Maphias enters and says that since they are about to be married they are interested in buying a slave. Xena of course wants to save Gabrielle, but the slave boss says that she is Myzentius’s favorite and not for sale. But Xena is determined to rescue her friend and sets a plan in motion to do just that.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Chris Manheim
story by Steven L. Sears and Chris Manheim
directed by Anson Williams
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: Aaron Devitt (Lyceus), Robert Harte (Maphias), Mark Ferguson (Krykus), Stephen Tozer (Mezentius), Micaela Daniel (Lachesis), Rebecca Kopacka (Clotho), Slade Leaf (Capucius), Elizabeth Pendergrast (Atropos), Chris Graham (Slave Boss), Geoff Barlow (Storekeeper), Daniel Chilton (Boy), David Geary (Guard #2), Andrew McMillan (Gate Guard), Allan Wilkins (Head Guard)

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell