End Game

Xena: Warrior PrincessAfter the Amazon village is attacked by Roman soldiers, Ephiny leads her warriors in a fight against them in the woods. During the fight, she is killed by a man in silver armor. Elsewhere, Xena and Gabrielle are spending the afternoon by a lake, where the bard is testing her new net which she plans to use in fights. A young Amazon, Amarice, appears. She tells them about Ephiny’s death. From the description, Xena realizes that it was Brutus who killed the Amazon Queen. When they return to the Amazon village, Gabrielle resumes her responsibilities as Amazon Queen, while Xena begans devising a plan to capture Brutus.

Order the DVDswritten by Steven L. Sears
directed by Garth Maxwell
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: Danielle Cormack (Ephiny), Karl Urban (Caesar), Jeremy Callaghan (Pompey), Jennifer Sky (Amarice), David Franklin (Brutus), and Argo

Original title: Amazon Reunion

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell

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