Original Trilogy Star Wars

Star Wars

As construction nears completion on the Empire’s awesome new battle station, the moon-sized Death Star, members of the Rebel Alliance procure its construction plans, entrusting them to Princess Leia Organa. But Darth Vader is quick to capture her ship, kill much of the crew, and take her prisoner. But she has already passed the plans …

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Babylon 5 / Crusade Season 3

Severed Dreams

All hell has broken loose within the Earth Alliance. Fighting between General Hague’s rebel forces and President Clark’s loyalists have spilled a great deal of blood on both sides, and when the governor of Mars refuses to implement Clark’s martial law decree, civilian colonies on Mars are bombed. Hague’s ship, the Alexander, arrives at Babylon …

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Firefly The Movie


An Alliance Operative reviews Simon and River Tam’s escape from the experimental facility where River was modified. He highlights a particular comment by the lead scientist – that several members of the Alliance Parliament had seen River to observe her progress. Given River’s psychic ability, that means that she could possess vital secrets without even …

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Doctor Who New Series Season 03


Sally Sparrow’s inquisitive nature, and eye for a good photo, leads her to a creepy abandoned house. Under the house’s peeling wallpaper, Sally discovers a message – written to her by name – containing a warning from someone called the Doctor. When she returns to the house with her best friend, Sally is stunned when …

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Doctor Who New Series Season 05

The Big Bang

Trapped in the Pandorica by his enemies, the Doctor is powerless to prevent the universe from ending. The collapse isn’t instantaneous, and Earth is at the epicenter, growing cold and dark as every star in the universe vanishes. Young Amelia Pond remembers the stars, though, despite what everyone tells her as the changes ripple backward …

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