Buck Rogers Season 2

The Satyr

A woman and her son are the only remaining colonists on a remote planet called Arcadus, where they are repeatedly terrorized by a half-goat, half-man creature called Pangor. Buck and Twiki visit the planet during an asteroid survey, and immediately after landing, Buck is attacked by a wolf-like creature native to the planet. Buck meets …

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Season 05 Star Trek The Next Generation


Stardate 45494.2: Investigating a possible indication of intelligent life in a distant area, the Enterprise is scanned by an unknown spacecraft. The crew’s memories of who they are and everyone else around them, as well as specific computer files containing the crew records, are erased, although everyone still remembers their Starfleet skills, although others react …

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Babylon 5 / Crusade TV Movies

The Gathering

In the Tigris Sector in the year 2257, the gigantic space station Babylon 5 has entered service and is preparing for its first major official duty, hosting the ambassadors of the Minbari, Vorlon, Centauri and Narn governments who will, along with station Commander Sinclair, the Earth representative, begin down the uneasy path toward interstellar peace. …

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Season 07 Star Trek The Next Generation


Stardate 47653.2: A routine test of Worf’s new photon torpedo guidance system sends a potentially hazardous torpedo astray into deep space, which Picard and Data set off to recover via shuttlecraft. When they return from their mission, they find that every inhabitant of the ship has somehow mutated into more primitive forms of life, some …

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Season 01 Star Trek Voyager


Stardate 48315.6: A starship controlled by the Maquis mysteriously disappears in the Badlands, a charged energy field near the demilitarized zone, after being pursued by a Cardassian ship. U.S.S. Voyager, commanded by Captain Janeway, is dispatched from DS9 to the Badlands to find out where the Maquis ship went, especially since a Starfleet security operative, …

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Season 02 Star Trek Voyager


Stardate 49373.4: Torres, Kim, and Paris work as a team to cross the transwarp threshold and travel at warp 10, a theoretical impossibility which would allow the traveler to occupy all points in space simultaneously. Though the attempt is successful, Paris’ biochemistry undergoes a massive change which causes him to mutate into a more evolved …

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Season 03 Star Trek Voyager

Fair Trade

Stardate not given: With Neelix pursuing a promotion, Voyager stops at a trading port at the edge of the vast and uncharted Nekrit Expanse. Although the ship’s environmental control systems require Pergium for replenishment, it seems to be unavailable until an old friend of Neelix turns up with a plan to obtain some. But when …

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Season 07 Star Trek Voyager


Stardate not given: Voyager’s sensors detect a possible high concentration of wormholes inside a dense nebula, and Captain Janeway decides to investigate. A near-collision with a Borg cube – obscured from sensors by the nebula’s gases – changes her mind quickly, and Voyager retreats. A temporal rift forms near the ship, and a Starfleet shuttlecraft …

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