In The Line Of Duty

Stargate SG-1A desperate battle with Goa’uld death gliders near the stargate on an alien world leads SG-1 to beat a hasty retreat back to Earth with many refugees in tow. Trying to perform CPR on a fallen refugee, Carter’s mind is inhabited by a Goa’uld without receiving a symbiont through the usual means. The alien girl Cassandra, who has been adopted by Dr. Frasier, is the first to spot the change, and when confronted by O’Neill, Carter puts up a fight and is finally imprisoned. The Goa’uld in Carter’s mind claims to be one of the Tok’ra – a legendary group of Jaffa who fight against the domination of the Goa’uld System Lords. Carter also warns of the presence of another Goa’uld, inhabiting one of the refugees: an assassin hunting own the Tok’ra who lives in her mind now. O’Neill and the SGC can do nothing to stop the two aliens from playing out their final duel, but if the Tok’ra dies, Carter will die with it.

Order the DVDswritten by Robert C. Cooper
directed by Martin Wood
music by Richard Band

Guest Cast: Teryl Rothery (Dr. Fraiser), Peter Lacroix (Ashrak), Katie Stuart (Cassandra), Laara Sadiq (Technician), Tracy Westerholm (Technician #2), Judy Nortin (Talia), Joe Pascual (Medical Technician), Nicole Rudell (Nurse), Benz Antoine (Driver), Woody Jeffreys (SF Guard), Jim Thorburn (SF Guard 2), David Allan Pearson (Quinta), Ian Robison (Security Officer), Reg Tupper (Doctor)

Notes: General Hammond reveals that three new teams – SG-10, SG-11 and SG-12 – have been formed and are just embarking on their first missions.

LogBook entry by Earl Green