Stargate SG-1A test of a new virtual reality combat simulator leaves O’Neill and his team a little underwhelmed; the simulation software “learns” from the combat experience of its users, but so far, it’s only “learned” from Dr. Lee and his team of experts – perfectly good scientists, but not exactly soldiers. Teal’c agrees to work with them in refining their simulator into something more useful, but using his extensive knowledge of encounters with alien aggressors, the simulation becomes much tougher with Teal’c as its player. After he replays – and loses – several rounds, Teal’c finally opts to use a failsafe exit that will get him out of the simulation, only to find that he can’t even escape. In the real world, the simulation device – derived from alien technology – is ensuring that Teal’c’s real body feels at least some of the pain of his series of defeats. If left attached to the simulator too long, Teal’c faces a very real death.

Order the DVDswritten by Damian Kindler
directed by Martin Wood
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Bill Dow (Dr. Lee), Andrew Airlie (Dr. Carmichael), Gary Jones (Chief Sgt. Walter Harriman), Dan Shea (Sgt. Siler), Dan Payne (Kull Warrior)

Notes: The simulator is derived from the technology used by The Gamekeeper in season 2.

LogBook entry by Earl Green