The Children Of Tehar

Star Wars: ResistanceKaz is broke, which is bad not just because he can’t buy his own drinks at Aunt Z’s, but because he can’t afford to repair Tam’s compensator, which he accidentally broke during installation. He overhears of a bounty offered for finding two missing children from Tehar and sets about trying to look for them on the platform, though he hasn’t thought far enough ahead to ask himself why the First Order would offer a reward for two lost children. He bumps into them more by chance than by skill, and discovers that they’re runaways who don’t want to return to Tehar. They just escaped that planet after witnessing the actions of a high-ranking member of the First Order who calls himself Kylo Ren. When the First Order arrives in force to search for the children, Kaz and Neeku risk everything to find them a safe hiding place.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Paul Giacoppo
directed by Saul Ruiz
music by Michael Tavera
based on original themes and music by John Williams

Star Wars: ResistanceCast: Christopher Sean (Kazuda Xiono), Josh Brener (Neeku Vozo), Scott Lawrence (Jarek Yeager), Suzie McGrath (Tam Ryvora), Dee Bradley Baker (Security Guard / Ugnaught Vendor), Donald Faison (Hype Fazon), Antony Del Rio (Kel), Bobby Moynihan (Yani), Dee Bradley Baker (Security Guard / Stormtrooper #2 / Ugnaught Vendor), Frank Welker (Chelidae), Greg Proops (Garma), Gwendoline Christie (Captain Phasma), Jason Hightower (Captain Doza), Lex Lang (Stormtrooper #1), Liam McIntyre (Commander Pyre), Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (4D-M1N), Matthew Wood (Ello Asty), Nikki SooHoo (Eila), Tovah Feldshuh (Aunt Z)

Notes: Ello Asty is not only one of Poe’s fellow X-Wing pilots as seen in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, but he’s named after the Beastie Boys single “Hello Nasty”.

LogBook entry by Earl Green