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Star Wars: Clone WarsHaving stretched out the Republic’s forces along the Outer Rim, Grievous launces a direct assault against Coruscant that includes a space and ground attack. Saesee Tiin takes charge of the Republic fleet while Mace and Yoda assist the troopers planetside. On Nelvaan, Obi-wan learns that most of the tribe’s male warriors have disappeared. The beast that Anakin killed was the quarry in a rite of passage for the tribe’s new would-be champion. When Obi-Wan realizes that their prophecies refer to a “ghost hand,” he suggests that Anakin attempt to find those responsible for the disappearance – a ritual that may also serve as the very last of Anakin’s Jedi trials, the test of his own psyche.

Order the DVDsstory by Bryan Andrew, Darrick Bachman, Paul Rudish and Genndy Tartakovsky
directed by Genndy Tartakovsky
original music by John Williams
new music by James L. Venable and Paul Dinletir

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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