The Gift

Star Trek: VoyagerStardate not given: Seven of Nine, isolated from the Borg Collective and left behind on Voyager, begins a turbulent process of recovery in sick bay. The Doctor believes that she can regain her human biology and identity, but her assimilation during early childhood will make the process difficult. Seven of Nine begins to experience seizures – the Borg’s last line of defense is to kill a drone before another species can try to gain an understanding of its Borg technology. Kes miraculously destroys the offending Borg implant through telekinesis, an ability with which she has not experimented for two years. Seven of Nine reviles the crew’s attempt to restore her humanity, even making the accusation that Janeway’s forced removal of her Borg enhancements are no better than Borg assimilation. Tuvok resumes his meditative exercises with Kes to focus her new abilities, but she begins to exhibit a terrifying command over the structure of matter itself. Between Seven of Nine attempting to regain communications with the Borg, and Kes’ increasing lack of control over her enhanced abilities, the crew may lose friends both old and new.

Order the DVDswritten by Joe Menosky
directed by Anson Williams
music by Dennis McCarthy

Guest Cast: Jennifer Lien (Kes)

Note: This is the final episode to feature Jennifer Lien as Kes as a regular; she later reappeared in season 6 in Fury.

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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