State Of Flux

Star Trek: VoyagerStardate not given: A visit to the surface of a habitable planet becomes less than routine when a Kazon ship is detected nearby. All away teams are recalled to Voyager, but Seska can’t be found. Chakotay finds her in a cave nearby, where the two of them are attacked by Kazons but escape. The Kazon ship is sending a distress signal, and despite her own misgivings and Neelix’s warnings, Janeway sends an away team to the ship. It is discovered that the Kazons somehow acquired some Federation technology and suffered a fatal accident while trying to install it on their ship. Other Kazon ships are on the way, and Janeway faces the possibility that someone aboard Voyager has decided to ally themselves with the enemy.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Chris Abbott
story by Paul Robert Coyle
directed by Robert Scheerer
music by Dennis McCarthy

Guest Cast: Martha Hackett (Seska), Josh Clark (Carey), Anthony DeLongis (First Maje Kuloff)

LogBook entry by Earl Green