Coming Of Age

Star Trek: The Next GenerationStardate 41416.2: Wesley is faced with a challenging test of his intelligence as he auditions to be a Starfleet cadet, but hedoes not realize that the psychological exam he is to receive is the more grueling barrier. Aboard the Enterprise, the Captain is investigated by a pair of Starfleet officers who seem to have one thing on their minds: finding some fault in Picard’s logs with which to begin a court-martial to take him out of the command chair, suspecting Picard is part of a conspiracy within the ranks of Starfleet.

Order the DVDswritten by Sandy Fries
directed by Michael Vejar
music by Dennis McCarthy

Guest Cast: Ward Costello (Admiral Quinn), Robert Schenkkan (Commander Remmick), John Putch (Mordock), Robert Ito (TAC Officer Chang), Stephen Gregory (Jake Kurland), Tasia Valenza (T’Shanik), Estee Chandler (Oliana Mirren), Brendan McKane (Technician #1), Wyatt Knight (Technician #2), Daniel Riordan (Rondon)

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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