The New Original Wonder Woman

Army Air Forces flying ace Major Steve Trevor sets off to intercept an experimental German plane at the height of World War II in 1942. The Allies have received intelligence that the Nazis have built a trans-Atlantic bomber capable of attacking American soil, and Major Trevor must either confirm and engage, or disprove and return […]

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November 7, 1975

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Wonder Woman Meets Baroness von Gunther

Major Steve Trevor is implicated in a series of sabotage incidents that have set the American war effort back signficantly. Steve is determined to clear his name, as is his new secretary, Navy Yeoman Diana Prince. What Steve doesn’t know is that Diana is Wonder Woman in disguise, and she repeatedly comes to the rescue […]

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April 21, 1976

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The Nazi Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has come to the attention of the Third Reich. Fausta Grables launches an audacious plan to infiltrate America and kidnap Wonder Woman to learn the secrets of her power…and part of her plan is to use Major Steve Trevor as bait. Once the Nazi operatives have Wonder Woman and take her back to […]

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April 28, 1976

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Beauty On Parade

A string of sabotage incidents at Fort Russell, Maryland, a vital point in the supply chain for the U.S. war effort, points toward a high-level security breach. Major Trevor believes that a top-secret project is the target, and he and Diana quickly realize that a traveling beauty contest – supposedly to raise the morale of […]

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October 13, 1976

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The Feminum Mystique – Part 1

Major Trevor and Diana are present when Nazi agents attempt to hijack an experimental fighter plane, the XPJ-1. Unknown to everyone except Trevor and General Blankenship, the XPJ-1 can be destroyed by remote control; while they see to that, Diana transforms into Wonder Woman and rounds up other Nazis operating under cover at the airfield. […]

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November 6, 1976

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The Feminum Mystique – Part 2

Drusilla, in her Wonder Girl guise, is in the hands of Nazi Captain Radl, who forces her to reveal the secret location of Paradise Island, home of her fellow Amazons. With no idea where her sister is, Wonder Woman remains in her Diana Prince guise. When Major Trevor intercepts Nazi orders involving an uncharted island, […]

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November 8, 1976

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Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua

A Nazi defector is questioned by Major Trevor as Diana and General Blankenship watch from the other side of a false mirror; he has valuable information that he’s not unloading until the United States can guarantee his safety. But his fellow Nazis are already planning to recapture him before he can talk, and they’ve prepared […]

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December 18, 1976

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The Pluto File

Word reaches Washington that a mercenary known internationally as “the Falcon” has arrived in America, either to stop or to steal the word of Professor Warren, who had devised a way to artificially induce earthquakes – an ability that, when weaponized, could end World War II in mere days. But for such a renowned hired […]

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December 25, 1976

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Last Of The Two-Dollar Bills

Major Trevor is waiting to intercept Nazi spy Wotan, a dangerous master of disguise whose arrival on American soil has been tipped off by an informant. Diana ducks out of sight to become Wonder Woman, discovering that Wotan himself has an oddly hypnotic effect on her, and he manages to get away. While Major Trevor […]

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January 8, 1977

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Judgment From Outer Space – Part 1

A UFO lands just outside of Washington, bearing Andros, a visitor from a peaceful league of alien worlds. As humans grows closer to the secret of splitting the atom and taking its first steps into space, these other worlds are becoming uneasy that the people of Earth will export war to the rest of space. […]

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January 15, 1977

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Judgment From Outer Space – Part 2

Andros is in the hands of Nazi agents who take him across the Atlantic to Germany. Major Trevor is assigned to join up with an RAF unit in England to launch a rescue mission, while Wonder Woman speeds across the ocean in her invisible jet. She is the first to try to mount a rescue, […]

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January 17, 1977

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Formula 407

Major Trevor and Diana are assigned to fly to Buenos Aires on a top secret mission to meet with Professor Moreno, inventor of a chemical formula that makes rubber nearly impervious to physical attack. Despite Argentina’s official neutrality in the war, Moreno has quietly promised to hand the formula over to the United States. But […]

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January 22, 1977

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The Bushwhackers

Texas rancher J.P. Hadley, an old school friend of General Blankenship, calls the General for help when local law enforcement proves completely ineffective in rounding up cattle thieves who are having a serious impact on the Hadley ranch’s operations. The General sends Major Trevor to Texas, and Wonder Woman follows in her invisible jet. Before […]

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January 29, 1977

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Wonder Woman In Hollywood

Hollywood calls on the War Department to seek Major Steve Trevor’s expertise in a filmed re-enactment of the war exploits that made him famous. Somewhat to Trevor’s dismay, General Blakenship is more than happy to loan him out as both advisor and actor. Diana accompanies him to Hollywood. At the same time, Drusilla is sent […]

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