Experiment #101: The Crawling Eye

Season 1
MST3K Story: Dr. Forrester is preparing for the week’s experiment when Dr. Erhardt rushes in, worried that he may have been followed. This upsets Dr. Forrester, as their experiment on Joel is meant to be kept a secret. When they contact him, Joel shows off his invention of an electric bagpipe, complete with renditions of Amazing Grace and Whole Lotta Love. Dr. Forrester is impressed, as it has caused Dr. Erhardt’s corneas to bleed. To counter, Dr. Forrester shows off a serum derived from the pineal gland of a dog, which, when injected into Dr. Erhardt, causes him to stop sweating (and start panting). Joel notices that the Mads have moved and is shocked to learn they are in Deep 13, far beneath Gizmonic Institute in a sub-basement. Joel says it’s incredibly radioactive down there, but the Mads “like it”. Dr. Forrester starts to make a big speech, but it’s time for the movie, so it’s cut short. After watching some of the film, the Bots are confused as to why the humans are so upset at the prospect of having their heads ripped off. Joel tries to explain, but the Bots just use it as an opportunity to play word games. Joel finds that Gypsy has uncoiled herself and her tubing is spread all over the Satellite of Love. Joel removes Gypsy’s eye and waves it around to show her what a mess she made, but it doesn’t help and she’s got an itch. Joel and the Bots try to figure out which bit is Gypsy and which is just part of the solar collector cable. After the “eye creatures” are finally seen, the Bots decide that they find Forrest Tucker more frightening, but Joel tries to explain why gigantic, free-roaming body parts are much scarier (but to little success). At the end of the movie, Joel gives the Bots answer questions for RAM chips and even Gypsy gets one, despite the fact that the best answer she can come up with to any question is “Richard Basehart”. Joel and the Bots don’t really have anything good to say about the movie, and that makes the Mads very happy.

The Crawling Eye Story:The film opens in Trollenberg, following a trio of mountain climbers, one of whom is brutally attacked by an unknown assailant. An investigator, Alan Brooks, is called in and on the way meets two sisters, Anne and Sarah Pilgrim. They are entertainers (they have a psychic act) and are traveling for Anne’s health. But Anne has an uncontrollable urge to stay in Trollenberg and so they book a room in the local hotel. Brooks, meanwhile, meets up with Professor Crevett, an old friend who contacted him due to the similarities between the Trollenberg case and a previous one they had seen in the Andes; an unusual fog that has encompassed the mountain. Anne suffers a strange seemingly psychic attack while she and her sister are performing and it seems to have some effect on the fog. When communication to the resting cabin is lost, several locals and Brooks head up the mountain. This causes Anne to have visions in her sleep that convince her she must ascend the mountain, but she is stopped by Brooks. Brett, one of the missing men, returns from the mountain, but is distracted and acts strangely. Brooks immediately suspects something, and when Brett attacks Anne, Brooks knocks him to the ground. However, no blood comes out of a wound to the head Brett suffers and he easily shakes off a sedative, trying again to kill Anne later that night. Brooks is forced to shoot him and Brett’s body disintegrates. Brooks decides to move everyone to the Observatory which is higher on the mountain, but more easily fortified against attack. This move proves timely, as the creatures invade the lodge, going after a little girl who had gone back to get a lost ball. The creatures are gigantic, tentacled, amorphous beings, each with a single, gigantic eye at their center. Brooks rescues the girl and the last of the guests and villagers escape. But one becomes infected and Anne is once again under attack, but is once again rescued. Brooks and Co. finally try to go on the offensive, attempting to use fire against the creatures, which seem to be attracted to cold. Fire bombs seem to work and Brooks is finally able to get through to the authorities, who bomb the fog cloud, killing the creatures and bringing the crisis to an end.

MST3K segments written by Trace Beaulieu, Joel Hodgson, Jim Mallon, Kevin Murphy, Mike Nelson & Josh Weinstein
MST3K segments director unknown

The Crawling Eye written by Jimmy Sangster from a story by Peter Key
The Crawling Eye directed by Quentin Lawrence
The Crawling Eye music by Stanley Black

Season 1 Regular Cast: Joel Hodgson (Joel Robinson), Trace Beaulieu (Crow T. Robot / Dr. Clayton Forrester), Josh Weinstein (Tom Servo / Dr. Laurence Erhardt), Jim Mallon (Gypsy)

MST3K Guest Cast: None

The Crawling Eye Cast: Forrest Tucker (Alan Brooks), Laurence Payne (Philip Truscott), Jennifer Jayne (Sarah Pilgrim), Janet Munro (Anne Pilgrim), Warren Mitchell (Professor Crevett), Andrew Faulds (Brett), Stuart Saunders (Dewhurst), Frederick Schiller (Mayor Klein), Colin Douglas (Hans)

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Experiment #102: The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy w/ Moon Rocket

Season 1
MST3K Story: Dr. Forrester is preparing for his trip to the Mad Scientists Convention and Dr. Erhardt warns him against blowing the convention up again this time. (Dr. F counters that he only did that twice; the third time he used incendiaries so it just burned quickly.) When they contact the SOL, Joel shows off his airbag helmet, with the Mads countering with the Chalkman, a nails-on-chalkboard device. After a demonstration of Deep 13’s new security system that leaves both scientists injured, they send the movie; this time, with an episode of a serial before the main feature. When they get out of the theater, Joel and the Bots find that the SOL has been covered by “Demon Dogs”, strange skeletal space canines, whose presence is proving a danger to the ship. Tom convinces the others that he can reason with the creatures, but due to his fire hydrant-inspired design, the results are disastrous (and as icky as you might think). Eventually, the leader of the dog people, Enoch, comes on board the SOL and explains that they had traveled across the vastness of space to do worship to the “giant bone” and to bury it on the Moon. Apparently, they were tricked by the SOL’s dogbone shape and were not expecting it to be inhabited. Despite Joel and Enoch’s attempts to make peace, things don’t go well. Crow acts insultingly towards Enoch and Tom is still upset over the Demon Dogs’ earlier behavior. Things really go south, though, when Gypsy shows up and eats Enoch. Joel then decides to send Crow out to talk to the Demon Dogs, since he’s the only one who looks remotely like Enoch, but they are not fooled and treat Crow much the same as they did Tom Servo. As they watch the end of the movie, a Demon Dog makes its way into the theater, driving them out. They emerge to find that the SOL has been overrun. Joel decides to jettison a giant ball-shaped piece of equipment and the Demon Dogs give chase. All seems fine until Tom Servo reminds him that playing fetch usually involves chasing and then bringing back. Joel seems unhappy with the results of the experiment, but the Mads are satisfied.

Moon Rocket Story: Mr. Henderson, a powerful government official, informs Commando Cody and his team that a series of mysterious explosions seem to originate from the Moon. Cody investigates, tracking down and capturing the alien ray gun being used by the agents of the Moon operating on Earth. Once the Moon connection is confirmed, Cody decides to take a rocket and investigate the Moon directly. He and his team land on the Moon and Cody uses his rocket suit to find the aliens’ headquarters, where he is caught in a trap by Retik, the leader of the Moon.

The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy Story: Dr. Eduardo Almada brings together several of his fellow scientists to explain his most recent experiences. He had recently put his wife, Flora, under hypnosis and discovered that she had a former life as Xochi, a maiden during the times of the Aztecs. Xochi had been in love with a man named Popoca and, despite her vows of purity and destiny to be sacrificed to the gods, they broke Aztec law and tried to run away together. For their crimes, he was sentenced to being mummified alive and she was put to death. Using the knowledge obtained from Flora, Dr. Almada had led a small expedition into the temple and acquired a cursed breastplate from Xochi’s remains. When he returned later for a necklace needed to translate the inscription on the plate, he found that he had awoken the mummy of Popoca. The mummy followed Dr. Almada to his home and kidnapped Flora, thinking she was Xochi. But Dr. Almada and his friends were able to rescue her. Unknown to Dr. Almada, one of his fellow scientists, Dr. Krupp, had become determined to steal the Aztec treasure. First, he kidnapped Flora and forced Dr. Almada to translate the hieroglyphics on the Aztec treasure. But his plans were ruined when the mummy arrived and rescued Flora and the doctor. Krupp managed to escape and next hypnotized Flora, using her mental connection to the mummy to locate it. Although Dr. Almada realized what Krupp had done, he could not deduce why Krupp had not tried to steal the treasure. He explains to his fellow scientists that five years have passed since that time and there has been no sign of Krupp. But clues lead him to deduce that Krupp is working on a plan that goes beyond mere treasure. In the past five years, Krupp has found a way to bring dead tissue back to life. He has used this knowledge to build a “human robot” that he believes will allow him to conquer the world. As a test of his robot’s power, he sets it against the mummy of Popoca. The two monsters clash and the robot seems to be overpowering the mummy when the police arrive and shoot the control device out of Krupp’s hands. The mummy is then able to easily destroy the robot and Krupp. Flora gives the treasure back to the mummy and he returns to his eternal rest.

MST3K segments written by Trace Beaulieu, Joel Hodgson, Jim Mallon, Kevin Murphy, Mike Nelson and Josh (J. Elvis) Weinstein
MST3K segments director unknown

Moon Rocket written by Ronald Davidson
Moon Rocket directed by Fred C. Brannon
Moon Rocket music by Stanley Wilson

The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy written by Alfredo Salazar and Guillermo Calderón
The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy directed by Rafael Portillo
The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy music by Antonio Díaz Conde

MST3K Guest Cast: Jim Mallon (Enoch)

Moon Rocket Cast: George Wallace (Commando Cody), Aline Towne (Joan Gilbert), Roy Barcroft (Retik), William Bakewell (Ted Richards), Clayton Moore (Graber), Peter Brocco (Krog), Robert R. Stephenson (Daly), Don Walters (Mr. Henderson)

The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy Cast: Ramón Gay (Dr. Eduardo Almada), Roda Arenas (Flora Almada / Xochi), Crox Alvaredo (Pinacate), Luis Aceves Castañeda (Dr. Krupp), Jorge Mondragón (Dr. Sepúlveda), Arturo Martínez (Tierno), Emma Roldán (Maria), Julián de Meriche (Comandante), Ángel Di Stefani (Popoca, the Mummy)

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Experiment #103 – The Mad Monster w/ Molten Terror

Season 1
MST3K Story: The Mads are discussing the events that drove them mad just before calling Joel, who has a nifty invention: the Hell in a Handbag. The Mads counter with the Acetaline-Powered Thunder Lizard. After watching the serial episode, Tom comes across the love of his life: a blender. He is put off by Joel drinking out of her head. The movie confuses Tom because it doesn’t make it clear as to whether the monster is killing people or just mauling them. Joel explains that older movies left that to the viewers imagination. They continue discussing the various aspects of lycanthropy. Later on, Joel is inspired by the movie to switch Crow and Tom’s heads, much to their annoyance. After the film, Joel offers the bots RAM chips if they can name a good thing and a bad thing about the film. But they keep arguing, so Joel decides no one deserves them. Not even the Mads are pleased, given the death of the film’s mad scientist.

Molten Terror Story: Cody is able to escape from the villainous moon leader, Retik. He consults with his crew and then returns to the moon base and steals Retik’s ray gun. But as he makes his escape, Cody hides in a cave where Retik is able to turn the rock into molten lava, trapping our hero inside.

Mad Monster Story: Dr. Lorenzo Cameron has been experimenting on his handyman, Petro, injecting him with a serum derived from wolves. After Petro transforms into a wolfman, Dr. Cameron imagines a conversation with his fellow scientists who rejected him and his theories. Dr. Cameron’s daughter Lenora, meanwhile, expresses her concerns over his activities and her desire to return to the city. When he next uses the serum, Dr. Cameron lets Petro loose in his wolf form and the monster kills a child. This arouses the suspicions of Tom Gregory, Lenora’s reporter boyfriend, who visits Professor Blaine, one of Dr. Cameron’s detractors. Shortly after this meeting, Dr. Cameron arrives with Petro in tow, supposedly to prove his theory to Blaine. He leaves Petro to kill Blaine, intending to use the monster to settle all of his old scores. Despite the doctor’s efforts, Tom’s investigations inevitably lead straight to Dr. Cameron, who has continued to use Petro in his plans for revenge. But Petro eventually goes wild, attacking Lenora, setting Dr. Cameron’s house on fire and killing the doctor.

MST3K segments written by Trace Beaulieu, Joel Hodgson, Jim Mallon, Kevin Murphy, Mike Nelson & Josh Weinstein
MST3K segments director unknown

Molten Terror written by Ronald Davidson
Molten Terror directed by Fred C. Brannon
Molten Terror music by Stanley Wilson

The Mad Monster written by Fred Myton
The Mad Monster directed by Sam Newfield
The Mad Monster music by David Chudnow

MST3K Guest Cast: none

Molten Terror Cast: George Wallace (Commando Cody), Aline Towne (Joan Gilbert), Roy Barcroft (Retik), William Bakewell (Ted Richards), Clayton Moore (Graber), Peter Brocco (Krog), Robert R. Stephenson (Daly), Don Walters (Mr. Henderson)

The Mad Monster Cast: Johnny Downs (Tom Gregory), George Zucco (Dr. Lorenzo Cameron), Anne Nagel (Lenora Cameron), Glenn Strange (Petro), Reginald Barlow (Professor Warwick), Robert Strange (Professor Blaine), Gordon DeMain (Professor Fitzgerald)

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