Meet The Smashenburns

Game OverThe Smashenburns are a typical suburban family…if those suburbs happen to be in the realm of video games. Rip Smashenburn is a race car driver who repeatedly makes narrow escapes from disastrous crashes, while his wife Raquel raids tombs full-time, and their kids Alice and Billy long for some kind of normalcy. Rip feels this could be solved with the addition of a family pet, but when the family adopts a raucous dog-like creature named Turbo, he quickly proves to be too much trouble to keep – and too much trouble to get rid of.

Season 1 Regular Cast: Patrick Warburton (Rip Smashenburn), Lucy Liu (Raquel Smashenburn), Rachel Dratch (Alice Smashenburn), E.G. Daily (Billy Smashenburn), Artie Lange (Turbo)

Order the DVDwritten by David Sacks, Jason Venokur, Ross Venokur & David Goetsch
music by Christopher Tyng

Guest Cast: Marie Martiko (Dark Princess), James Sie (Sam Chang), Bill Farmer (Announcer), Danica McKellar (Elsa), Jeffrey Tambor (Dr. Zod)

LogBook entry by Earl Green

Basic Win-stincts

Game OverRip Smashenburn has two big problems – he can’t seem to win a race, and his wife is pulling in four times as much money as he is. Rip takes his competitive nature to extremes in an attempt to compensate, while Billy becomes obsessed with bagging a bitter and better trophy than the “participant” trophy he landed in a motocross tournament. But will either of them get the big win they’re looking for?

Order the DVDGuest Cast: James Sie (Sam Chang), Dave Sheridan (Alonzo / Eskimo / Announcer), Dorothy Elias-Fahn (Tiffany / Brandy), James Arnold Taylor (Sports Psychologist / Troll / Football Player)

Notes: Billy passes Frogger en route to cross a busy street to reach a trophy shop.

LogBook entry by Earl Green

All Work And All Play

Game OverBilly is going to be in a school play, and Raquel discovers that her constant adventuring has earned her a label of being a bad mother in the eyes of neighbors and other parents, and she sets out to correct that perception – but perhaps she’s trying too hard. In the meantime, Turbo finds himself on the bad side of a loan shark, and Rip is disturbed when Alice starts to fall for a particularly lascivious member of his pit crew.

Order the DVDwritten by Ross Venokur
music by Jeff Sudakin
additional music by Christopher Tyng

Guest Cast: Marie Matiko (Dark Princess / Punching Dolphin), James Sie (Ninja), Jessica Glassberg (Sylvie Glassberg), John Michael Higgins (Ransom Transom / Sparks), Jeffrey Tambor (Dr. Zed), James Arnold Taylor (Announcer / Big Rubes / Zeke)

LogBook entry by Earl Green

Into The Woods

Game OverRip is concerned about how Billy is growing up, and decides that some male bonding over a camping trip is just the thing – hunting, fishing, and roughing it in general. Turbo’s up for a bit of roughing it too, if only to avoid Ramona, a fellow video game character who’s figured out where he lives. In the meantime, Raquel discovers that Alice has been experimenting with an illicit substance: secret power-ups.

Order the DVDwritten by David Goetsch
music by Jeff Sudakin

Guest Cast: Common (himself), Jennifer Coolidge (Ramona / Amazon), John Michael Higgins (Sully / Frank / Cashier)

LogBook entry by Earl Green

Alice And The C.A.T.s

Game OverAlice’s C.A.T. test is upcoming, the score from which determines a video game character’s future. But Raquel is horrified when Alice completely and utterly fails – more than that, she didn’t even try. Billy, in the meantime, is facing a test of his own as he tries to win the heart of a girl named Suki, and may have to can his hip lingo long enough to ask his father for advice.

Order the DVDwritten by Gregory Greenberg
music by Christopher Tyng

Guest Cast: Marie Matiko (Suki), James Sie (Sam Chang), John Michael Higgins (Sully / Guidance Counselor / Proctor)

Notes: Rip says his father was “too obsessed with fixing toilets while gorillas hurled barrels at him.” And Suki says her family needs her back in Japan because “it is Godzilla season – we kill him many times.”

LogBook entry by Earl Green