Trouble’s Brewing

Other SpaceSince UMP regulations forbid the two most senior officers from making the first landing on a new world, Michael and Tina are sent to the newly-formed planet to gather the fuel ore deposits. But the six hours allotted for the task stretch out into months thanks to a time dilation effect on the planet’s surface. And even aboard the Cruiser, those six hours stretch out even further when the Lipinskis face an uprising among all of their non-human crew-members (and Zalian, whose epic consumption of fudge may mean he barely qualifies as human at this point), who demand privileges equal to those of human crew members. Which members of the crew will run out of time first?

Watch this at the official sitewritten by Ben Smith
directed by Adam Nix & Evan Nix
music by Orr Rebhun & Erica Weis

Other SpaceCast: Trace Beaulieu (A.R.T.), Neil Casey (Kent Woolworth), Eugene Cordero (Michael Newman), Joel Hodgson (Zalian Fletcher), Conor Leslie (Natasha), Bess Rous (Karen Lipinski), Karan Soni (Stewart Lipinski), Milana Vayntrub (Tina Shukshin), Sarah Baker (Alien), John Milhiser (voice of Coffee Bot), Ian O’Connor (Coffee Bot Puppeteer), Sherry O’Connor (A.R.T. Puppeteer #2)

LogBook entry by Earl Green