Getting To Know You

Other SpaceBeing cut off from home, or even the laws of physics as they once knew them, isn’t sitting well with the crew of the UMP Cruiser. Also not working out too well: the fact that Stewart Lipinski’s crewmates barely know one another, and show no inclination to strengthen their bonds in this time of crisis, despite Stewart’s attempts at team-building exercises. Karen and Michael discover evidence that an alien has not only boarded the Cruiser, but has accessed the computer. Tension and murderous suspicion run high. Only one member of the crew can put everyone at ease: Chad, from auxiliary deck. Wait…who?

Watch this at the official sitewritten by Owen Ellickson
directed by Lucia Aniello
music by Orr Rebhun & Erica Weis

Other SpaceCast: Trace Beaulieu (A.R.T.), Neil Casey (Kent Woolworth), Eugene Cordero (Michael Newman), Joel Hodgson (Zalian Fletcher), Conor Leslie (Natasha), Bess Rous (Karen Lipinski), Karan Soni (Stewart Lipinski), Milana Vayntrub (Tina Shukshin), Dave Franco (Chad), Sherry O’Connor (A.R.T. Puppeteer #2), Jane Varney (Host)

LogBook entry by Earl Green