First Contact

Other SpaceThe universe into which the UMP Cruiser has been plunged will collide with its native universe, giving the ship and crew an opportunity to return home. Stewart is disappointed that he has nothing more than alien soil samples to bring home, until he experiences something that he’s convinced is first contact from an alien species. There’s just one problem – not one member of Stewart’s crew believes him, and even fewer of them are prepared to watch his dreams play out on a monitor to see if he’s right.

Watch this at the official sitewritten by Matteo Borghese & Rob Turbovsky
directed by Matt Sohn
music by Orr Rebhun & Erica Weis

Other SpaceCast: Trace Beaulieu (A.R.T.), Neil Casey (Kent Woolworth), Eugene Cordero (Michael Newman), Joel Hodgson (Zalian Fletcher), Conor Leslie (Natasha), Bess Rous (Karen Lipinski), Karan Soni (Stewart Lipinski), Milana Vayntrub (Tina Shukshin), Sarah Baker (Alien), Sherry O’Connor (A.R.T. Puppeteer #2)

Notes: Zalian’s mental state is finally explained (he’s kept his position aboard the ship by being the Cruiser’s unofficial drug dealer for years), and Natasha reveals that it’s been only twelve days since the ship became marooned in the other universe.

LogBook entry by Earl Green