The Omega FactorParanormal researcher Tom Crane has first-hand knowledge of his subject matter: he’s been experiencing very disturbing dreams and disjointed images. One of his investigations leads him to a man named Edward Drexel, said to have considerable powers of his own; when Tom offhandedly suggests that Drexel use his powers to help solve the case of a missing woman, Drexel says he has no wish to search for a body. Tom calls Drexel’s bluff, asking how he knows the missing woman is dead, and the interview comes to a swift and chilly end. Immediately afterward, Tom begins experiencing inexplicable visions with little or no context. Trying to track down the clues to his visions has tragic consequences, and a surprising outcome: an invitation (if a somewhat forcefully-worded one) to join Department 7, a government bureau devoted to tracking those with supernatural powers.

The Omega FactorOrder the Serieswritten by Jack Gerson
directed by Paddy Russell
music by Anthony Isaac

Cast: James Hazeldine (Tom Crane), Louise Jameson (Anne Reynolds), John Carlisle (Roy Martindale), Brown Derby (Andrew Scott-Erskine), Cyril Luckham (Edward Drexel), Joanna Tope (Julia Crane), Colin Douglas (Alfred Oliphant), Denis Agnew (Alistair), Nicholas Coppin (Michael Crane), Raymond Cross (Harry Gilchrist), Natasha Gerson (Morag)

LogBook entry by Earl Green