Deepwater Black / Mission GenesisThe ship is nearly wiped out in a tachyon storm, with the lack of a clear chain of command nearly getting the crew killed. Bren is sent into the bowels of the ship to reroute power, but is distracted when he finds a message tape with his name on it – along with the words “for your eyes only.” After the immediate crisis, Bren returns to his quarters to watch the message: a top secret communique from the original Bren’s military commanding officer, informing him that he may have to take command at a critical moment. But the message is vague enough to make Bren think that his time is now, and he begins planning an armed takeover; after all, the lack of discipline on the bridge is dangerous, and it’s in everyone’s best interests. Yuna and Zak, conducting repairs outside the ship in the shuttlecraft, are stranded outside the shields, and Bren chooses this moment to relieve Reb of command by force, stunning him and taking him off the bridge. The more his crewmates resist his command, the more paranoid Bren becomes. Lise discovers that the message tape was coated with a mind control drug developed by the military, but by the time Bren finds out that he’s out of control, it may be too late for Yuna and Zak.

Deepwater Blackwritten by Jeff Copeland
based on the Deepwater novels by Ken Catran
directed by Don McCutcheon
music by Fred Mollin

Cast: Gordon Michael Woolvett (Reb), Nicole de Boer (Yuna), Jason Cadieux (Bren), Julie Khan (Gen), Craig Kirkwood (Zak), Sara Sahr (Lise), Kelli Taylor (Gret)

LogBook entry by Earl Green