Power Play

MarsNovember 2042: As second-in-command of Olympus Town, Lt. Michael Glenn has privately expressed doubts in Commander Seung’s ability to lead to the IMSF, but Secretary-General Richardson shares none of the same concerns and informs Glenn that no planned changes in Olympus Town’s leadership are forthcoming. The Secretary-General has a crisis of her own on her hands as Lukrum’s Earthbound management strikes a deal with Russia to exploit the mineral wealth of Mars, and she threatens Lukrum with sanctions, though she may be overplaying her hand in speaking for all the member nations of the IMSF. A satellite orbiting Mars spots what may be an indication of liquid water on the surface, perhaps proof that the terraforming efforts are working; Seung and Foucalt leave in a rover for the lengthy drive to see for themselves, leaving Glenn in command; during their trip, Foucalt tells Seung that he has decided to leave Olympus Town to accept a job offered to him by Lukrum boss Hurrelle. When Lukrum’s mining operation hits a particularly thick layer of basalt beneath the Martian surface, Hurrelle orders a power increase to the drill site, putting Lukrum over-budget for the electrical power it should be receiving from Olympus Town. Without consulting Seung or the IMSF, Glenn orders a total shutdown of the power feed to Lukrum, unaware that he’s cutting the power to their living quarters, medical facilities, and not just the drill site, putting the lives of the entire Lukrum colony in danger. Worse yet, when Javier tries to restore Lukrum’s power without orders to do so, he finds that Glenn has locked him out of the ability to do so – short of walking out onto the surface in a spacesuit and taking the risk of manually rerouting the electrical feed. While Javier is busy with this crisis, he is unaware when Amelie goes into premature labor.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Paul Keables
based on the book “How We’ll Live On Mars” by Stephen Petranek
directed by Ashley Way
music by Brian Reitzell

MarsCast: Jihae (Hana Seung / Joon Seung), Sammi Rotibi (Robert Foucalt), Alberto Ammann (Javier Delgado), Clementine Poidatz (Amelie Durand), Anamaria Marinca (Marta Kamen), Cosima Shaw (Dr. Leslie Richardson), Gunnar Cauthery (Lt. Michael Glenn), Roxy Sternberg (Jen Carson), Evan Hall (Shep Marster), Jeff Hephner (Kurt Hurrelle), Levi Fiehler (Cameron Pate), Esai Morales (Roland St. John), Martin Angerbauer (Danny), Attila Arpa (Volkov), Caroline Boulton (Nurse), Emily Corcoran (Ms. Wilson), Khash-Erdene Ganbold (South Korean Rep. Kim), Amelia Hoy (Anchor), Sonia Kaur (Anika Chandra), Timea Kasa (Clerk), Sorel Kembe (Nigerian Rep. Odogwu), David Miller (Assistant), Nicholas Wittman (Oliver Lee)

LogBook entry by Earl Green