Night StalkerA series of unidentified elderly bodies are turning up around Chicago, dying of natural causes. Only Kolchak believes that they may be connected to the disappearances of a series of young swingers. He finds out that the disappearances had one thing in common – each was a member of an exclusive dating service run by a mysterious Helen. A taxi driver and former Greek professor identifies Helen from a photo as Helen of Troy, whose face launched a thousand ships. She is able to maintain her youthfulness by sacrificing to the gods the youth of physically perfect victims. Each of the victims is given a special ring as part of their membership, which marks them as a sacrifice to the gods. Carl accidentally dons one of the rings, and must confront Helen in her modern-day Greek shrine before she ages him to death as well.

Order the DVDswritten by Rudolph Borchert
directed by Don McDougall
music by Gil Mille

Guest Cast: Kathy Lee Crosby (Helen), Kaz Kazantarkis (Demosthenes), Dwayne Hickman (Sgt. Orkin), Kathleen Freeman (Bella Sarkof)

Notes: Primarily a comedy episode, there is very little overt horror and even more scenes played for laughs than usual.

LogBook entry by Steve Crowe

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