The Fall Of Night

The Centauri conquest explodes into open aggression against races other than the Narn. A Narn ship arrives and and requests safe haven at B5, to which Sheridan agrees. Representatives from the Earth government and the suspicious Ministry of Peace arrive, declaring that Earth has reached a peace accord with the Centauri. As part of the […]


En route back to Babylon 5 after springing a trap on unwelcome raiders, a Starfury squadron led by Ivanova happens upon an immense alien artifact, miles long, adrift in hyperspace. No sooner is it towed into Babylon 5 space than Interplanetary Expeditions scientist Elizabeth Trent arrives, intent on taking charge of the alien object. Sheridan […]

The Wheel of Fire

G’Kar returns to Babylon 5 to a more enthusiastic welcome than he’d prefer. Garibaldi can no longer hide his drinking problem; Sheridan and Lochley take different paths in reaching out to help him. Lise arrives on the station, offering to share Michael’s struggles with him and asking him to share control of Edgars Industries with […]

A Call To Arms

On the eve of the fifth anniversary of the formation of the Interstellar Alliance, Garibaldi – who has been heading up the project to construct a new destroyer-class starship with Earth, Minbari and Vorlon technology – picks up President Sheridan for a secret test run of the new vehicle. However, the test run is neither […]