Sam Casey, Sam Casey

Gemini ManSam almost misses going on vacation because he can’t find his wallet, which subsequently turns up in Intersect’s parking lot…but what he doesn’t know is that the wallet was stolen and bugged by an organization trying to infiltrate Intersect to assassinate Driscoll. On his vacation, Sam is drugged and left for dead; at Intersect, Sam appears, baffling Driscoll and Abby with his behavior. The real Sam escapes his predicament and places and emergency call to Driscoll, proving that the “Sam Casey” at Intersect is an impostor, surgically altered to look exactly like Sam. To get to the bottom of these events, Sam must impersonate his impersonator.

written by James D. Parriott
directed by Michael Caffey
music by Lee Holdridge & Mark Snow

Gemini ManCast: Ben Murphy (Sam Casey), Katherine Crawford (Abby Lawrence), William Sylvester (Leonard Driscoll), Nancy Malone (Armistead), Tony Young (Tanner), Jo Ann Pflug (Susi), Howard Stone (Robbins), Pamela Shoop (Barby), Mickey Morton (Alf), Leslie Moonves (Guard), Joan Crosby (Dora)

Notes: Abby refers to the health spa as a “fat farm”, a distinctly ’70s derogatory term for any health retreat specializing in weight loss. This episode of Gemini Man is one of the earliest scoring Gemini Manefforts by future X-Files composer Mark Snow. And yes, that’s Les Moonves, also early in his Hollywood career, in one of his few acting appearances before embarking on a very different career trajectory that would see him become the president of the CBS network. He also had minor acting roles in Barbary Coast and The Six Million Dollar Man.

LogBook entry by Earl Green