The Kansas City Kid

Future CopCleaver and several other cops have invested money in a benevolent trust fund, and Cleaver is angered to the point of distraction when he discovers by accident that this money has been spent rather than invested…and the caretaker of the account, the son of one of Cleaver’s oldest friends, begs Cleaver to cover for him. Not long afterward, Cleaver is summoned to the site of a car accident that has left the caretaker of the benevolent fund in serious condition. With time running out, and now on his own, Cleaver decides to put Haven’s unique talents to use in winning back the money that should be in the account. But can an android ever hope to handle the intricacies of poker?

Order the complete series on DVDwritten by Harold Livingston
directed by Robert Douglas
music by Thomas Talbert

Future CopCast: Ernest Borgnine (Cleaver), Michael Shannon (Haven), John Amos (Bundy), Irene Tsu (Dr. Tingley), Herbert Nelson (Capt. Skaggs), Joan Collins (Eve DiFalco), Joshua Bryant (Andrew), Don Reid (Tom Geary), Bill Zuckert (Fisk), Angela May (Peggy), Zachary A. Charles (Monroe), Alvah Stanley (Doctor), Michael MacRae (Nolan), Victor Izay (Phillips), Regis J. Future CopCordic (Dugan), Sharon McGee (Bank Teller)

Notes: This was the last episode of Future Cop aired by ABC; no doubt aided by slapdash scheduling, the series had failed to stick its landing with the viewing public. In a very unusual move, Future Cop would be “re-piloted” on NBC a year later under the title Cops And Robin.

LogBook entry by Earl Green