Into the Lion’s Den Part 1: Lambs to the Slaughter

FarscapeCrichton and company board the command carrier. While Crichton quickly goes to work in the lab – after asserting his status as equal partner – the others set about ensuring Scorpius meets the rest of their demands. D’Argo wants the rings implanted in his body removed and the location of the Peacekeeper who killed his wife. Rygel wants an update on the Hynerian political situation. Crais wants Talyn brought on board so he can be repaired. This demand raises eyebrows, but Scorpius agrees, and assigns one of his lieutenants to work with Crais – a former lover who has agreed to spy on the disgraced commander. Aeryn realizes how unlike the Peacekeepers she has become, while the carrier’s crew is less than happy with having to coexist with the former prisoners. When one of them attacks D’Argo, he, Jool, Chian and Rygel choose to return to Moya. Their safety is short-lived, however. Another group of Peacekeepers surprise Moya, immobilize her, and bring her back to the carrier. Commandant Grayza informs Scorpius that the Peacekeepers are no longer interested in Scorpius’ apparently-fruitless project. Instead, they have begun building an alliance and even opening talks with the Scarrans. And the last thing they want is for the Peacekeepers to continue to be made fools of by a band of renegades with a growing reputation. Scorpius throws Grayza off his ship, but it’s only a matter of time before she returns and puts a permanent end to Scorpius’ career. He needs results, now. Confronted with the threat of the Scarrans, Crichton is even beginning to reconsider whether he should truly help Scorpius. And if that’s not enough incentive, Scorpius has more: he’s found Earth. It’s 60 cycles away by conventional means, but if Crichton won’t help him, then Scorpius will take revenge by destroying Crichton’s homeworld.

Order the DVDswritten by Richard Manning
directed by Ian Watson
music by Guy Gross

Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh (Jool), David Franklin (Lt. Braca), Rebecca Riggs (Commandant Mele-On Grayza), Danny Adcock (Co-Kura Strappa), Sean Taylor (Lt. Reljik), Lenore Smith (Lt. Darinta Larell), Marta Dusseldorp (Officer Yal Henta), Lewis Fitz-Gerald (Tosko), Mark Mercedes (Officer Vonk)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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