Doctor Who: Companions

Doctor Who
The First Doctor’s Companions
Susan ForemanIan ChestertonBarbara WrightSteven TaylorVickiKatarinaSara KingdomDodo ChapletBen JacksonPolly
Audio only: Oliver Harper

Doctor Who
The Second Doctor’s Companions
Ben JacksonPollyJamie McCrimmonVicotria WaterfieldZoe HerriotBrigadier Lethbridge-StewartSgt. Benton

Doctor Who
The Third Doctor’s Companions
Brigadier Lethbridge-StewartSgt. BentonLiz ShawJo GrantCapt. Mike YatesSarah Jane Smith

Doctor Who
The Fourth Doctor’s Companions
Sarah Jane SmithBrigadier Lethbridge-StewartSgt. BentonHarry SullivanLeelaK-9Romana IRomana IIAdricNyssaTegan Jovanka
Audio only: Mrs. Wibbsey

Doctor Who
The Fifth Doctor’s Companions
AdricNyssaTegan JovankaTurloughKamelionPeri Brown
Audio only: Thomas BrewsterErimemAbby / Amy

Doctor Who
The Sixth Doctor’s Companions
Peri BrownMelanie Bush
Audio only: FrobisherDr. Evelyn Smythe

Doctor Who
The Seventh Doctor’s Companions
Melanie BushAce
Audio only: Raine CreevyHexBernice Summerfield

Doctor Who
The Eighth Doctor’s Companions
Audio only: Charley PollardC’rizzLucie MillerMary ShelleyTamsin Drew

Doctor Who
The Ninth Doctor’s Companions
Rose TylerAdamCapt. Jack Harkness

Doctor Who
The Tenth Doctor’s Companions
Rose TylerMickey SmithJackie TylerMartha JonesCapt. Jack HarknessDonna NobleWilfred Mott

Doctor Who
The Eleventh Doctor’s Companions
Amy PondRiver SongRory Williams

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