Episode 2

Dark SeasonAfter Olivia’s blinding return to the classroom, Marcie is more convinced than ever that Mr. Eldritch and his company are up to no good. Reet and Thomas, having made off with one of the Abyss computers, try to start it up, momentarily experiencing a surge in intelligence. That brief IQ boost is just enough to make them a danger to Eldritch’s plans, while Marcie is frustrated to find that no one believes her warnings of sinister plans afoot. Those warnings fall on deaf ears as the computers are distributed to every student at the school…

Dark Seasonwritten by Russell T. Davies
directed by Colin Cant
music by David Ferguson

Cast: Tim Barker (Dr. Osley), Samantha Cahill (Olivia), Ben Chandler (Thomas), Rosalie Critchley (Mrs. Polzinski), Brigit Forsyth (Miss Maitland), Victoria Lambert (Marcie), Roger Milner (Headmaster), Grant Parsons (Mr. Eldritch), Cyril Shaps (Mr. Polzinski), Kate Winslet (Reet)

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