Buck’s Duel to the Death

Buck Rogers In The 25th CenturyThe people and the rightful government of the planet Katar are under the thumb of the tyrannical Trebor, and they’re beginning to look for a way out of their predicament. Their prophecies state that a 500 year old man will rise up, defeat the Trebor, and free Katar – and they’ve heard of Buck’s origins. An incident is arranged that is sure to attract Buck’s attention, and he is invited to Katar as a way of thanking him for his help. But once he’s on the planet, the real reason for the invitation is revealed to him – the Katarians admit that he may not be the fulfillment of their prophecy, but they do want Buck to help inspire an uprising among the population. Whether or not Buck is expected to survive his new career as a hero of the people, however, is another story.

Order the DVDswritten by Robert W. Gilmer
directed by Bob Bender
music by J.J. Johnson

Guest Cast: William Smith (The Trebor), Keith Andes (Darius), Elizabeth Stack (Vionne), Edward Power (Neil), Fred Sadoff (Kelan), Robert Lussier (Dr. Albert), Stephanie Blackmore (Greta), Heidi Bohay (Maya), Francisco Lagueruela (Karem), Douglas R. Bruce (Young Officer)

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