Lines of Communication

Babylon 5Delenn is alarmed by the arrival of an emissary from Minbar who warns her of impending civil war on her home world. She sets out on a journey back home to try to quell the impending conflict. With all supply lines to the station cut off, and ISN broadcasting the official propoganda line that Babylon 5 is the staging ground for the subversion of Earth, Sheridan tries to come up with a way to fight the hail of lies being fed to the general populace. His answer is to revamp the war room into a broadcast studio and begin transmitting the “Voice of the Resistance” from there with your host, the very reluctant (and tired) Susan Ivanova. Terrorist attacks on Mars create a tense situation for Franklin, who is trying to enlist the help of the rebels on Mars – but not if they continue to use those tactics. Delenn discovers that the Minbari emissary Forell has sold out to a race called the Drakh, who have their own plans for Minbar. And Delenn is sure that there is a connection between the Drakh and the Shadows.

Order now!Download this episodewritten by J. Michael Straczynski
directed by John C. Flinn III
music by Christopher Franke

Guest Cast: Marjorie Monaghan (Number One), Paolo Seganti (Phillipe), G.W. Stevens (Forell)

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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