Strangers In The Night

ALFThe Tanners have a busy social calendar, and have to find a babysitter. ALF volunteers, but what with his being an alien from another planet and all, Willie and Kate have reservations. Their nosy neighbor, Mrs. Ochmoneks is drafted into babysitting duty… and ALF is told to stay in an upstairs bedroom and not make a single noise. But ALF wants pizza, and he wants it delivered…and the last thing the Tanners want anyone to know is that they’re offering refuge to a furry space alien.

Download this episodewritten by Thad Mumford & Paul Fusco
directed by Peter Bonerz
music by Alf Clausen

ALFCast: Max Wright (Willie Tanner), Anne Schedeen (Kate Tanner), Andrea Elson (Lynn Tanner), Benji Gregory (Brian Tanner), Larry Hankin (Burglar), Lisle Wilson (Policeman), Marc Levine (Pizza Delivery), Liz Sheridan (Mrs. Ochmonek), John LaMotta (Trevor Ochmonek)

LogBook entry by Earl Green