Sirens Of Time

The seventh Doctor is drawn to a jungle world, where he rescues a hapless bystander and discovers an elderly couple nearby. The couple have a unique relationship based on a mutual loathing that seems like it could become murderous at any moment – and they both have very dark secrets to hide. The fifth Doctor, […]

The Web of Caves

The Doctor faces an enemy with plans for world domination …well…actually he hasn’t quite worked out the plan yet…but when he does…watch out… written by Mark Gatiss & David Walliams director unknown Cast: Mark Gatiss (The Doctor), David Walliams (Alien), Paul Putner (Alien), Tom Baker (Announcer) LogBook entry & review by Philip R. Frey

Project: Who?

On the eve of the launch of the new series of Doctor Who in 2005, Anthony Stewart Head (of Buffy fame) narrates a series of behind-the-scenes interviews conducted with the cast, crew and creative staff behind the new show during filming. Review: A fascinating look behind the scenes of the new Doctor Who, Project: Who? […]

The Crimson Horror

The Doctor is summoned to the Victorian era once again by Madame Vastra and her colleagues. People are signing up to become model residents of a walled-off, gated community promising traditional values… and then, once accepted, they are never heard from again. The Doctor and Clara pose as another perfect couple hoping to become residents […]