The Cage

Stardate not given: The starship Enterprise, commanded by Captain Pike, runs across a distress signal which Pike discounts as being outdated, but when a follow-up message concerning survivors of an Earth ship is picked up, Pike follows the signals to Talos IV. Pike and a landing party find a group of almost-too-healthy survivors there. Among […]

The Gladiators

As Virdon, Burke and Galen explore their world, stopping to sample the local fruit until the hear the sounds of fighting nearby. The two astronauts intervene when they find two men apparently intent on beating each other to a pulp. Burke intervenes, but instead of finding a victim grateful that his attacker has been beaten […]

The Sentry

A scientist’s discovery of a node containing strange blue nodules triggers a series of grisly deaths at an underground archival facility. Each victim is badly mauled, and the autopsy report indicates that they were bitten by some large animal. Sneaking into the facility, Kolchak discovers that the staff are leery of strange occurrences, and the […]

Too Hot To Handle

Rising temperatures wreak havoc around the world, and Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and superheroes-in-training Marvin and Wendy (and their faithful pet Wonder Dog) gather at the Hall of Justice to try to keep on top of all of unfolding ecological disasters. They deal with everything from melting glaciers and rising sea levels to farmland […]

The Mysterious Moles

When Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog find evidence that entire rocks and trees are somehow moving during a bike ride through nature, they report their findings to the Super Friends, who are somewhat more concerned with a recent wave of thefts of large industrial air conditioning units. But are the two events connected? A house […]