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The Inheritance

Friday The 13th: The SeriesLewis Vendredi, an antiques dealer, has a strange way of doing business: he insists nothing in his store is for sale, and yet the doors stay open and he’s able to pay his bills. He had made a pact with the devil, and when he tries to renege on the deal, the cursed items in his store turn on him and kill him.

Ryan Dallion and Michelle “Mickey” Foster, distant cousins who have never met, end up inheriting their uncle’s store upon his death. Both eager to return to their normal lives, they open the doors for one last sale, getting rid of everything they can. After spending only mere hours in the store, they’re already aware that the antiques there are out of the ordinary. They’re about to close up shop when an older man named Jack Marshak bursts in, claiming to be Uncle Lewis’ former partner. Jack is aware of Lewis’ deal with the devil, and reveals to Mickey and Ryan that every artifact in the store was cursed, imbued with evil powers – and every single item that they or Lewis ever sold must be recovered and put in a vault in the store’s basement.

The search starts with a porcelain doll sold to a family with a troubled little girl. By the time Ryan and Mickey track the family down, the doll has already started to claim the lives of everyone for whom the girl expresses a dislike. When Mickey tries to coax her into giving the doll up, she becomes the next target.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by William Taub
directed by William Fruet
music by Fred Mollin

Cast: John D. LeMay (Ryan Dallion), Wendy Robey (Mickey Foster), Chris Wiggins (Jack Marshak), R.G. Armstrong (Uncle Lewis Vendredi), Sarah Polley (Mary), Friday The 13th: The SeriesLynne Cormack (Mrs. Simms), Michael Fletcher (Mr. Simms), Esther Hockin (Babysitter), Sean Fagan (Boy #1), Gordon Woolvett (Boy #2), Robyn Sheppard (Nurse), Barclay Hope (Lloyd)

Notes: Mere minutes into the episode, see if you can spot future Deepwater Black and Andromeda cast member Gordon Michael Woolvett – credited here without his middle name – as the quieter of two street hoodlums harrassing Mary (he’s the one who doesn’t get attacked by the doll).

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Root Of All Evil

Friday The 13th: The SeriesA letter addressed to Uncle Lewis tips Jack off to the possible whereabouts of a cursed antique mulcher. The item is traced to the estate of a wealthy family, where there have been a few disappearances…and the previous owner/operator of the mulcher was eventually sent to a mental institution. Jack and Ryan have to go it alone this time, as Mickey’s life is turned upside-down by the arrival of her suspicious fiancee, who refuses to believer her when she tells him what Curious Goods does. The mulcher’s former owner discovered that, by putting a human being into it, the machine will crank out not mulch, but money, equivalent to the victim’s worth to society. The mulcher’s current owner, having set up shop at the estate, is perfectly positioned to soak up some very literal blood money unless he can be stopped.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Robert Hedden
directed by Allan King
music by Fred Mollin

Friday the 13thCast: John D. LeMay (Ryan Dallion), Wendy Robey (Mickey Foster), Chris Wiggins (Jack Marshak), Rico Colantoni (Adrian), Barclay Hope (Lloyd), Jack Mather (Smitty), Ian White (Charles), Kay Tremblay (Amanda), Tom Hauff (Harley O’Conner), Rita Tuckett (Mrs. O’Conner), George Buza (O’Conner’s Neighbor), Domenic Cuzzocrea (Vagrant)

Notes: Guest star Barclay Hope previously played Lloyd in the series’ premiere episode, whose haunted doll also puts in an appearance in the vault of cursed items, two rare callbacks. Friday the 13thBarclay Hope also played the recurring character of Col. Pendergast in later seasons of Stargate SG-1, but much earlier in his career, while working in the U.K., he also guest starred in the pivotal Doctor Who story The Tenth Planet, the final adventure for the first Doctor.

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Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar GalacticaForty years after an armistice was signed with the Cylons, a race of cybernetic servants created to aid man, a neutral space station set aside for peaceful negotiations – but never visited by a Cylon representative – is ambushed and destroyed by Cylon forces.

Battlestar Galactica is en route to its decommissioning from regular service. Long since surpassed on a technological level by newer craft, the gigantic Galactica will become a museum commemorating the era of open warfare between humanity and the Cylons; Galactica’s Commander, Adama, delivers a speech at the ship’s decommissioning ceremony warning against becoming complacent against the Cylons. Adama is also grappling with some personal demons as well – his eldest son, Lee “Apollo” Adama, has arrived to participate in the ceremony, leading a symbolic flight of Colonial Viper fighters, another spacecraft retired from service after the Cylon wars. The reunion of father and son is awkward, as the two have barely spoken since Adama’s younger son, Zac, died on patrol.

On the planet Caprica, the seat of the Colonial government, cybernetics expert Dr. Gaius Baltar has been engaging in an affair with a woman who later admits to being a Cylon – but not the kind of Cylon anyone has ever seen before. She’s almost completely indistinguishable from any human. And she has used Baltar’s access to Caprica’s computer networks to render the Colonies’ defenses useless. A massive Cylon assault begins, as the surface of Caprica is peppered with thermonuclear weapons. Even the most advanced Colonial fighters prove useless in the fight, their integrated computer systems wiped out by a previously unknown Cylon weapon. Baltar is led to safety by the Cylon woman known as Number Six, his role in the fall of Caprica known only to himself – and even after they’re separated when Baltar boards a rescue ship, he continues to see and speak to visions of her. The ship he is taken to is also where Education Secretary Laura Roslin was when the Cylons attacked – and the attacks have destroyed so much of the Colonial government that she’s now next in line to assume the Presidency. Apollo is also on that ship, having escorted Roslin away from the decommissioning ceremony in his father’s aging Viper – and having discovered in the process that the decommissioned fighters, which lack integrated systems, are immune to the Cylons’ secret weapon.

The military command structure has also collapsed, any most of the Battlestar fleet has fallen, leaving Commander Adama in charge of what’s left of the military. Adama orders an immediate course for the Ragnar system, a turbulent nebula into which a Colonial munitions depot is tucked away, dating back to the original Cylon conflict. When Galactica arrives, Adama’s crew finds weapons aplenty to rearm the ship – but there’s also a lone human aboard. An accident with some of the munitions leaves him trapped with Adama, who discovers that the man is a Cylon – something that the rescued Baltar hasn’t shared with anyone.

Rearmed, and now set on a course for what Adama claims is the lost thirteenth colony, Earth, Galactica gets ready – with a largely defenseless civilian fleet in tow – for an escape from the advancing Cylon fleet…or the extinction of the human race.

Download this episodewritten by Ronald D. Moore and Christopher Eric James
based on a teleplay by Glen A. Larson
directed by Michael Rymer
music by Richard Gibbs / additional music by Bear McCreary

Cast: Edward James Olmos (Commander Adama), Mary McDonnell (Secretary Laura Roslin), Katie Sackhoff (Lt. Starbuck), Jamie Bamber (Captain Apollo), James Callis (Dr. Gaius Baltar), Tricia Helfer (Number Six), Callum Keith Rennie (Leoben Conoy), Grace Park (Lt. Boomer), Michael Hogan (Colonel Tigh), Matthew Bennett (Aaron Doral), Paul Campbell (Billy Keikeya), Aaron Douglas (CPO Tyrol), Lorena Gale (Elosha), Barclay Hope (Transport Pilot), Kandyse McClure (Dualla), Connor Widdows (Boxey), John Mann (CAG), Alessandro Juliani (Lt. Gaeta), Nicky Clyne (Cally), Michael Eklund (Prosna), Alonso Oyarzun (Socinus), Tahmoh Penikett (Helo), Haili Page (Cami), Ty Olsson (Captain Kelly), Ron Blecker (Launch Officer), Ryan Robbins (Armistice Officer), Tim Henry (Doctor), Kwesi Ameyaw (Liner Captain), Brenda McDonald (Old Woman), Suleka Matthew (Reporter), Erin Karpluk (Woman #1), Jenn Griffin (Woman #2), B.J. Harrison (Woman #3), Zahf Paroo (Man #1), Robert Lewis (Man #2), Denzel Sinclair (Man #3), Lorena Gale (Elosha), Nadine Wright (Chantara), Michael Soltis (Chantara’s Husband), Moneca Delain (Blonde Woman), Fred Keating (Junior Reporter), Lymari Nadal (Giana), Biski Gugushe (Pilot #1), Nahanni Arntzen (Pilot #2), Nogel Vonas (Pilot #3), Ryan Nelson (Pilot #4)

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New Order Part 1

Stargate SG-1With O’Neill still frozen in the Antarctic Ancient outpost after Anubis’ attack, an international controversy has arisen over the that battle – and until treaties can be worked out, no one nation can lay claim to the outpost, making it off-limits to the SGC. Carter and Teal’c set off on a mission to contact the Asgard in the hopes that they can remove the Ancients’ knowledge from O’Neill without killing him in the process. Daniel stays on Earth with Dr. Weir to await word from Carter, but they’re surprised when the first message they receive is from a representative of the Goa’uld System Lords, all of whom apparently now want to negotiate a treaty of their own after the apparent destruction of Anubis. Weir gets the President’s permission to open talks with the System Lords, but Daniel is skeptical of their motives. The modified Goa’uld ship carrying Carter and Teal’c into Asgard space comes out of hyperspace right on top of a black hole, and it torn to pieces by the gravitational forces – just moments after Thor transports them to his ship. But their troubles are just beginning: Thor caused the stellar collapse that led to the black hole in order to defeat an onslaught of Replicators. But to Thor’s surprise, the Replicators seem to have overcome the black holes’ gravity, and when Carter and Teal’c defend Thor’s ship from a Replicator boarding party, Carter is kidnapped.

She finds herself in the clutches of Fifth, who forces his way into her mind to extract information. And on Earth, the negotiations with the System Lords break down – one of the System Lords, Baal, is trying to take advantage of the void left by Anubis to propel himself into a position of power.

Season 8 Regular Cast: Richard Dean Anderson (General Jack O’Neill), Michael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson), Amanda Tapping (Colonel Samantha Carter), Chirstopher Judge (Teal’c)

Order the DVDswritten by Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
directed by Andy Mikita
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Torri Higginson (Dr. Elizabeth Weir), Patrick Currie (Fifth), Kira Clavell (Amaterasu), Steve Bacic (Camulus), Gary Jones (Chief Sgt. Walter Harriman), Vincent Crestejo (Shang Ti), Kevan Ohtsji (Yu’s First Prime), Barclay Hope (Col. Pendergast), Chelah Horsdal (Comm Officer), Buddy Dolan (Commander Langley)

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New Order Part 2

Stargate SG-1Though the Asgard successfully destroy the massive Replicator ship in orbit of the new Asgard homeworld, many Replicator blocks survive to reach the planet’s surface and begin replicating anew. No trace has been found of Carter, dead or alive, in the Replicator debris, and yet Carter awakens in an idyllic setting – on a farm with her fiancee, Pete. But she’s aware that it can’t be real, and challenges the illusory environment at every turn, until “Pete” reveals himself to be Fifth, still intact, and proclaiming that he’s in love with Carter. Earth, in the meantime, braces for an invasion by Baal, but in the midst of the ongoing negotiations Daniel is snatched away by Thor, who also has no problem extracting O’Neill from the Antarctic base.

Thor is concerned only with saving the Asgard’s new planet, and enlists O’Neill – and his Ancient knowledge – in the race to create a new weapon to fight the Replicators. Just before Thor has to purge the Ancient knowledge from O’Neill’s mind, the design for a new weapon appears in the Asgard ship’s main computer. Thor is able to generate a working physical copy of the weapon…but no one is quite sure how to use it.

Order the DVDswritten by Robert C. Cooper
directed by Andy Mikita
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Torri Higginson (Dr. Elizabeth Weir), Patrick Currie (Fifth), Kira Clavell (Amaterasu), Steve Bacic (Camulus), Gary Jones (Chief Sgt. Walter Harriman), Vincent Crestejo (Shang Ti), Kevan Ohtsji (Yu’s First Prime), Barclay Hope (Col. Pendergast), Chelah Horsdal (Comm Officer), Buddy Dolan (Commander Langley)

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Full Alert

Stargate SG-1Kinsey comes to O’Neill with a warning about two threats: the Trust, and the increasingly suspicious Russian government. He warns that Russia feels that the United States isn’t holding up its end of the technology and information-sharing agreement that brought a new stargate to the SGC after the destruction of the original. And the Trust wants to meet with Kinsey, which is suspicious at best after his hasty expulsion from the organization. O’Neill isn’t exactly receptive to Kinsey’s plea for help, and instead intends to send him to meet with the Trust – fully wired for surveillance. Moments into the meeting, the signal is jammed, and before Colonel Carter and the rest of SG-1 can intervene and save Kinsey, he and the agents of the Trust vanish. Colonel Chekov arrives from Russia to try to negotiate with O’Neill, bringing news that the Russians believe the senior officials of America’s government have become Goa’uld hosts. Teal’c is assigned to the Promtheus, which lifts off to patrol near-Earth space for any sign of an imminent attack, while Daniel is sent to Russia to try to negotiate with their government. But when Daniel uncovers signs that the Russian President may be a Goa’uld host, mutual distrust escalates dangerously between the two countries – along with the level of military alert on both sides.

Order the DVDswritten by Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
directed by Andy Mikita
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Francoise Robertson (Captain Veronakova), Garry Chalk (Colonel Chekov), Gary Jones (Chief Sgt. Walter Harriman), Ronny Cox (Kinsey), Lucas Wolf (Jennings), Barclay Hope (Colonel Pendergrast), Chelah Horsdal (Comm. Officer), Mike Dopud (Colonel Chernovshev), Joey Aresco (Mr. Parker), Hiro Kanagawa (Mr. Wayne), Allan Gray (Mr. Kent), Dmitry Chepovetsky (Russian Soldier)

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Stargate SG-1The Ori send a Prior to a world inhabited by free Jaffa. When the Jaffa refuse to accept the way of Origin, the Prior erects a force field around himself and the Stargate. A minor Goa’uld named Nerus makes contact with Stargate Command. His observational satellites over the Jaffa world are but one of his technological innovations, and he offers his assistance against the Ori. He provides intelligence that indicates the field is expanding and that somehow, the Ori are keeping the Stargate open indefinitely. Vala warns Gen. Landry not to trust any Goa’uld. But when the Jaffa high council does not respond to his messages, Landry feels Earth must do something to stop the Ori incursion. He sends Mitchell, Jackson and Teal’c to rendezvous with the Prometheus and then make contact with the Ori. Mitchell has orders to use any means necessary to stop the Ori, which includes using the Mark IX, a naquaddah-enhanced nuclear device capable of destroying a Stargate. Landry requests, and is granted, Carter’s assistance on the mission. Vala reluctantly joins as well because although the effects of the Goa’uld bracelets are weakening, she and Daniel still suffer ill effects when separated.

Mitchell delivers the ultimatum to the Prior. While the team is on the planet, Gerak arrives with a fleet of Jaffa ships to bombard the forcefield. Col. Pendergast aboard the Prometheus gets Gerak to stop in order to beam the team back aboard, but Gerak is upset at losing the element of surprise and at the humans’ seeming inactivity. Shortly thereafter, the Mark IX detonates. But the Stargate is not destroyed, and the force field expands more rapidly. Gerak resumes his bombardment and demands that the Prometheus join the assault. Mitchell authorizes the ship to do so, until Carter realizes that the force field is drawing upon the energy involved to fuel its expansion. Furthermore, the planet itself is collapsing. Carter theorizes that the Ori are using a black hole in their galaxy to power the wormhole, and are now forming one in the Milky Way to add power on both ends. Nerus has lured them into providing the Ori the power necessary to establish their beachhead. And now, unless the team can stop them, they will build a giant gate in space, capable of transporting a full-scale invasion fleet from their galaxy to ours.

Order the DVDswritten by Brad Wright
directed by Brad Turner
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Claudia Black (Vala), Barclay Hope (Col. Pendergast), Gary Jones (Sgt. Walter Harriman), Maury Chaykin (Nerus), Louis Gossett, Jr. (Gerak)

Notes: Nerus claims to have assisted Ba’al, the Jaffa, and the SGC defeat the Replicators in season 8’s Reckoning.

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

Ex Deus Machina

Stargate SG-1A Jaffa is killed in a hit and run car accident in Virginia. Teal’c identifies the warrior’s tattoo as from a group of Jaffa loyal to Gerak, and returns to Dakara with Mitchell to investigate. Gerak is warning the council against developing close ties with the Tok’ra when Teal’c enters the chamber, pleading with his fellow Jaffa to build their new nation on a foundation of trust and cooperation. Mitchell tries to echo the point, but Teal’c interrupts; the council is not considered a place for outsiders. After the meeting, Gerak denies any knowledge of the dead Jaffa, but neither Teal’c nor Mitchell believe him. Another member of the council, Ka’lel, provides the important clue – Gerak has sent men to Earth in order to capture Ba’al. By doing so, he would sway even more Jaffa to his side.

Daniel, meanwhile, has discovered a connection between the Jaffa, a missing executive from defense contractor Farrow-Marshall, and the Goa’uld-infiltrated Trust. He meets with the executive’s wife, who tells him that her husband had started displaying strange behavior before he disappeared, and a private investigator she hired to follow him dropped the case after only a few days. Gerak’s troops break into Farrow-Marshall and get into a firefight. Soon after, Ba’al contacts Stargate Command with an offer: if Earth will allow him to live out his life in peace, he will obey Earth laws. But if the SGC or the Jaffa come after him, he will detonate a naquadah bomb hidden somewhere in the United States.

On Dakara, Gerak continues the hunt for Ba’al by torturing the missing executive, who is in fact now a Goa’uld host. Carter, Teal’c and Daniel officially agree to rejoin Mitchell on the SG-1 team, and then immediately split up. Carter and Daniel coordinate with NID Agent Barrett to try and track down Ba’al in order to kill him with the symbiote poison. Teal’c and Mitchell board the Prometheus to search for Gerak’s command ship. They find it, but are unable to convince the Jaffa in command to allow Earth to handle the matter itself. Ba’al, assuming the role of corporate executive, holds a news conference announcing a new acquisition, hoping that the publicity will make it difficult for SGC to simply have him disappear. SGC launches an attack anyway, which fails. So Ba’al tells them they will have to pay the price, and begins the countdown to detonate the bomb.

Order the DVDswritten by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie
directed by Martin Wood
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Louis Gossett, Jr. (Gerak), Gary Jones (Sgt. Walter Harriman), Cliff Simon (Ba’al), Sonya Salmoaa (Charlotte), Peter Flemming (Agent Barrett), David MacInnis (Agent Cortez), Kendall Cross (Julia Donovan), Barclay Hope (Col. Pendergast), Chilton Crane (Sharon), Gardiner Millar (Yat’yir), Diego Klattenhoff (Team Leader), Simone Bailly (Ka’lel), Martin Chritopher (Lt. Marks), Kevin Blatch (Tobias), Adrian Hein (Runner), Ken Dresen (Alex Jameson)

Notes: The Goa’uld infiltrated the Trust in season 8’s Full Alert. The N.I.D. developed cloning technology for Goa’uld in season 7’s Resurrection. SGC received the symbiote poison, developed by the Tok’ra, in season 5’s Summit.

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Stargate SG-1Jared Kane of the Rand Protectorate requests permission to travel to Earth via the stargate. Earth has not heard from Rand in months, and Kane explains why – a Prior has visited his world. After the Ori plague killed many, including Jared’s wife, the Prior convinced the people of Rand to follow Origin. The Caladonians had no intention of following Rand’s lead, so the Prior provided Rand with schematics for an orbiting offensive satellite of enormous destructive power. Kane fears that Rand’s increasingly paranoid president will not hesitate to use the now-operational satellite to destroy Caledonia, so he has brought a copy of the early schematics to the SGC to ask for their help. Carter thinks that the Prometheus should be able to destroy the satellite, and Mitchell is ready to do so. Daniel wants to convince Rand to dismantle the satellite themselves, so he contacts their government and receives an invitation to return with Kane for further negotiations. Upon their arrival, however, they are immediately imprisoned as suspected Caladonian spies.

Two days after losing contact with Daniel, the rest of SG-1 arrives at Tegalus in the Prometheus. They attempt to beam Daniel back aboard, but the Rand government has taken his locator beacon. Carter and Mitchell initially hesitate to fire at the satellite, concerned that they are signing Daniel’s death warrant. When the satellite begins to power up, they authorize Col. Pendergast to open fire. But unlike the early blueprints, the satellite has shields – and enough firepower to overpower Prometheus‘s own Asgard shields and tear through the ship. Unable to fight or flee, Pendergast tries to negotiate surrender, but the Rand president refuses to show mercy to Origin’s opponents. Pendergast beams what’s left of his crew to Caladonia before going down with his ship. The Caladonians welcome the survivors, including all of SG-1, but the future looks bleak. Carter finds a flaw in the satellite’s defense system that she believes SG-1 can exploit, but Daniel is determined to make one more attempt to get both sides to break past their paranoia.

Order the DVDsstory by Robert C. Cooper & Damian Kindler
teleplay by Damian Kindler
directed by Ken Girotti
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Gary Jones (Sgt. Harriman), Matthew Bennett (Jared Kane), Barclay Hope (Col. Pendergast), John Aylward (President Nadal), Ernie Hudson (Pernaux), Martin Christopher (Lt. Marks), Chelah Horsdal (Lt. Womack), Desiree Zurkowski (Chaska), Peter Shinkoda (Caledonian Aide), Sage Brocklebank (Rand Tech)

Notes: Daniel’s previous encounter with Jared Kane occurred in season 8’s Icon. “Ethon” is the name of the bird that tormented Prometheus as punishment for giving fire to humanity.

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

The Tenth Planet Part 2

Doctor WhoCybernetically augmented humans – Cybermen – have emerged from the spacecraft to take control of Snowcap Base. Their world, Mondas, was thrown out of its orbit around the sun long ago, forcing its inhabitants to turn to cybernetics to preserve their species. Now, having succumbed entirely to the machinery that was only intended to extend their lives, the Cybermen face another kind of extinction. Mondas is a dying planet, and the Cybermen hope to colonize Earth for its resources – and its population – starting with initiating a transfer of Earth’s energy to Mondas.

Order this story on audio CDwritten by Kit Pedler (credited onscreen as “Kitt Pedler”)
and Pat Dunlap and Gerry Davis (not credited onscreen)
directed by Derek Martinus
music not credited

Doctor WhoCast: William Hartnell (The Doctor), David Dodimead (Barclay), Dudley Jones (Dyson), Robert Beatty (General Cutler), Christopher Matthews (Radar technician), Reg Whitehead (Krail), Harry Brooks (Talon), Gregg Palmer (Shav), Michael Craze (Ben), Anneke Wills (Polly), Steve Plytas (Wigner), Ellen Cullen (Geneva Technician), Glenn Beck (TV Announcer), Earl Cameron (Williams), Alan White (Schultz), Roy Skelton (Cyberman voice)

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Lay Down Your Burdens – Part 1

Battlestar GalacticaStarbuck prepares to lead a combined force of Raptors from Galactica and Pegasus on a mission to Caprica, where they hope to recover Anders and the other human freedom fighters and evacuate them. Over the objections of some of the other pilots on the mission, Starbuck insists on bringing Sharon along to thwart the Cylons’ security measures. When the Raptors make their jump, one of the ships goes missing; Racetrack’s Raptor accidentally jumps into a dense nebula which also harbors a world capable of supporting human life. As the political struggle between President Roslin and Baltar seems to be all but finished in favor of Roslin, Baltar – under Tom Zarek’s advice (and a bit of goading from Six) – makes the planet an election issue, urging the voters to demand that the fleet stop running and settle there. This issue suddenly divides the polls almost evenly between the two camps. At Caprica, Starbuck’s Raptor squadron arrives minus another ship – which fatally ended its jump in the heart of a mountain – and quickly locates Anders’ resistance cell. But just moments after the reunion, the shelling begins.

written by Ronald D. Moore
directed by Michael Rymer
music by Bear McCreary

Guest Cast: Michael Hogan (Colonel Tigh), Aaron Douglas (CPO Tyrol), Tahmoh Penikett (Helo), Nicki Clyne (Cally), Alessandro Juliani (Lt. Gaeta), Kandyse McClure (Dualla), Richard Hatch (Tom Zarek), Michael Trucco (Anders), Rekha Sharma (Tory Foster), Dean Stockwell (Brother Cavel), Alisen Down (Jean Barclay), Leah Cairns (Lt. Margaret “Racetrack” Edmonds), David Kaye (James McManus), Colin Lawrence (Hamish “Skulls” McCall)

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