Wizards & Warriors

The Unicorn Of Death The Kidnap The Rescue Night Of Terror Skies Of Death Caverns Of Chaos The Dungeon Of Death Vulkar’s Revenge The brainchild of veteran writer/producer Don Reo, Wizards & Warriors owes its birth to two primary influences. According to an interview on Wizards & Warriors fansite wizardsandwarriors.org, Reo was inspired by his […]

His Way

Stardate not given: Bashir introduces the other officers to his new holoprogram featuring Vic Fontaine, a Las Vegas lounge singer of the 1960s who impresses everyone with his perceptiveness concerning their love lives. When Kira leaves to see Shakaar on Bajor, Odo, despairing of ever having his feelings for her returned, begins using Bashir’s holoprogram […]


The Enterprise encounters an Orion trading vessel whose captain, Harrad-Sar, claims to have an offer that Captain Archer can’t refuse. Harrad-Sar says he’s found a planet loaded with the ore needed to build new warp cores, but the Orion Syndicate doesn’t have the means to extract it; the Orions want to form a pact with […]

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

This is a syndicated series; airdates seen in this guide are the first day of the “week of” broadcast window, and episodes may have aired on different days in your area. Season One: 1993 Emissary Past Prologue A Man Alone Babel Captive Pursuit Q-Less Dax The Passenger Move Along Home The Nagus Vortex Battle Lines […]