The Bookworm Turns

As Bruce and Dick watch in horror, Commissioner Gordon is apparently murdered on live TV at the opening of Gotham City’s new suspension bridge…and Dick spots the Bookworm milling about in the crowd. Batman and Robin arrive at City Hall to begin gathering information on the heinous crime…and both they and Chief O’Hara are stunned […]

Planet Of The Apes

A crew of four American astronauts, launched in 1972, is en route back to Earth after a deep space exploration mission. Thanks to hibernation and the time-dilation effect of the ship approaching light speed, the astronauts fully expect 700 years to have passed on Earth by the time they return – everyone who was originally […]

The Fantastic Journey

Vortex Atlantium Beyond The Mountain Children Of The Gods A Dream Of Conquest An Act Of Love Funhouse Turnabout Riddles The Innocent Prey In the 1970s, the mysticism and alternative spirituality of the 1960s, combined with the cynicism of a country that had gone through the excesses of the Vietnam War and the revelations of […]

A Dream Of Conquest

The travelers arrive just in time to witness the brutal capture of an ape-like animal by guards in futuristic armor. Varian and the others are captured, but when they’re taken to the leader of the human hunters, Tarrant, he orders their release. The travelers are invited to rest in Tarrant’s compound, where they find a […]

An Act Of Love

The travelers materialize in the shadow of an erupting volcano and immediately seek shelter in a nearby cave. Awoken by a disturbing dream, Varian wanders away from their camp and meets a woman he saw in that dream. When he sees his friends again, Varian has big news: he’s giving up his travels to marry […]


Scott is excited to spot a carnival full of rides in the distance, and against Willaway’s misgivings, Varian agrees that the travelers should investigate. They soon meet the proprietor of the carnival, Marcus Apollonius, who offers the weary travelers a chance to relax and amuse themselves. But the invitation is too good to be true: […]


The travelers’ latest stop brings them to a male-dominated realm, where Liana is kidnapped by the local men. Sil-L returns to the base camp to lead Varian and the others to the futuristic city where Liana has been taken. The thuggish leader of this society is elusive when asked about Liana’s whereabouts, but soon Varian […]


The travelers arrive in a new time zone without Liana, who has remained at their last stop and will catch up with them later. A man on horseback approaches with a cryptic, almost poetic clue about the way to Evoland, the point at which everyone can supposedly return to their own time. Varian and Fred […]

The Innocent Prey

Varian, Scott, Fred and Willaway are awakened at their campsite by a brilliant light in the sky which slams into the ground in the distance. They find a crashed space shuttle with several injured astronauts inside, and they help them to find shelter in a nearby village inhabited by otherworldly beings with incredible powers and […]

The Green Girl

Harry is less than enthusiastic about a televised, high-stakes international poker tournament to be held aboard Supertrain, but he’s at least relieved that Wayne is the one who has to keep the high-rollers happy. With a $100,000 buy-in, only the five best poker players in the world can even afford to ante up…and one of […]

The Black Hole

In the 22nd century, the crew of the small deep space probe Palomino find themselves dangerously close to an enormous black hole. VINCENT, the ship’s all-purpose robot, spots the silhouette of another space vessel against the enormity of the black hole, identifying it as the U.S.S. Cygnus, the largest American manned deep space mission ever […]

The Settlers

February 2004: Even with the high cost in lives of the third manned mission to Mars, full-scale colonization of the red planet begins. Mankind is still unaware of the ongoing Martian presence. Mining begins on Mars, supporting the construction of buildings and roads. The invasion from Earth has begun. The Martians stay hidden, observing and […]

The Martians

November 2006: Colonel Wilder flies a solo return mission to Earth, hoping to find survivors or some remnants of civilization, but nuclear war has wiped out the birthplace of the human race. The only surviving humans now live on Mars, and no further supply missions from Earth are coming. Wracked with guilt, Wilder returns to […]